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October 20, 2013

BELLA MAURA by Dawn Dyson


Beautiful Justice
Book One
Dawn Dyson

Bella Maura
Published October 5th 2010 by Creation House

(from Goodreads)
Novelist Sienna Emory is surprised by a frantic call she receives from her old college friend, Cheney. When she arrives at Cheney’s house, Sienna finds her passed out from a drug overdose and neighbor Jonathan Driscoll arriving on the scene. Trying to help Cheney overcome her addictions, Sienna develops a friendship with Jonathan, a handsome single father, and his five-year-old daughter Bella. However, Bella is not the typical kindergartner; she has special gifts, as if she is communicating on a direct line to God. Sienna and Jonathan quest for answers to Bella’s special gifts, leading them to Jonathan’s hometown in Ireland that holds the key to a family secret. Sienna begins to fall in love with Jonathan, but wonders what is God’s plan for them and if their faith is strong enough to protect them from evil.

In her second novel, author Dawn Dyson seamlessly weaves together a touching love story with weighty spiritual topics such as overcoming abuse, trusting God, and stepping into your spiritual gifts. Bella Maura is the first installment of the two-book series Beautiful Justice. This exhilarating novel will open readers to the spiritual opportunities and challenges that face us all.

QUOTE: "How far would you go to protect your loved ones.?"

I couldn't wait to start reading BELLA MAURA and it definitely lived up to my expectations.
 The story is about Sienna, a well known novelist.  She is a very caring and loving person, taking in homeless or abused young women.  They are "her girls" and part of her family. An old college friend, Cheney calls and needs help, or so she says.  Sienna comes to her aid. Sienna finds out that Cheney has a daughter that she has paid no attention to in years.  Cheney is a drug addict and an alcoholic.  The b ad thing is she doesn't want to change.  She doesn't want to quit. Sienna finds out that Cheney's friend and neighbor is Cheney's daughter's father.  She has a beautiful name, Bella Maura.  Sienna immediately develops a relationship with the young girl. Sienna can't have children of her own.  That is soon to change when Sienna and Jonathan begins to have a relationship.  Bella Maura is adopted by Sienna.  Bella Maura is special.  She can talk to God.  In the meantime, Cheney is in rehab.
Dawn Dyson is wonderful in the way she writes.  She appears to take great care in choosing her words and the way she describes the characters and the settings. BELLA MAURA leaves the reader with questions that we  ordinarily wouldn't think much about.  Sienna adds the love throughout the book.  You don't feel like you have to finish the book just to say you finished it.  You keep reading because the book challenges you to keep reading.  To take things to a new level as you turn page after page.  You read a little then you stop and think for a second.  You want to think about the questions that are challenging you.  The book challenges you to think about your relationship with your friends, God and how you feel about yourself.  That can be difficult to face but the author leaves it up to you.  She doesn't make you feel forced.  The book is not "preachy".  If it was I wouldn't have read it.   Sometimes we feel there is no hope left but the author shows us through the relationship of Sienna and Jonathan that there is hope. They have this wonderful connection.  They give so much love and attention to others they forget about themselves.  They had a relationship that is endearing and sweet. The author has a special talent of describing her characters so that they have a personality.  You can relate to characters who have a personality rather than just be there.  There is only one way you can know the love and caring that this book relates and that is to get a copy.  You may find answers to some or all of the questions.  You may get to know and care about the characters.  Most of all, you may find there is someone greater than all of us.
I would give this book 4 STARS.
The cover is beautiful and telling.  I'd give it 4 STARS.
I was given a complimentary copy of BELLA MAURA from the author, Dawn Dyson for my unbiased review.

Dawn Dyson lives with her husband on a farm in Nebraska and has degrees in both Animal Science and Education. She currently serves as the farm's office manager, but writing is her primary passion. She describes her writing as a God-given gift and strives to incorporate Christian themes throughout each of her works. She encourages others to find their passion in life, link it with God's and then share it with the world.


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