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September 2, 2013

THE KINGS OF COOL by Don Winslow


Prequel to Savages
by Don Winslow 
The Kings of Cool
Simon & Schuster; 1 edition (June 19, 2012)

In Savages, Don Winslow introduced Ben and Chon, twenty-something best friends who risk everything to save the girl they both love, O. Among the most celebrated thrillers in recent memory—and now a major motion picture directed by Academy Award–winning filmmaker Oliver Stone—Savages was picked as a best book of the year by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly, Janet Maslin in The New York Times, and Sarah Weinman in the Los Angeles Times. Now, in this high-octane prequel, Winslow reaches back in time to tell the story of how Ben, Chon, and O became the people they are. Spanning from 1960s Southern California to the recent past, The Kings of Cool is a breathtakingly original saga of family in all its forms—fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, friends and lovers. As the trio at the center of the book does battle with a cabal of drug dealers and crooked cops, they come to learn that their future is inextricably linked with their parents’ history. A series of breakneck twists and turns puts the two generations on a collision course, culminating in a stunning showdown that will force Ben, Chon, and O to choose between their real families and their loyalty to one another.

Don Winslow (b. 1953) is the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen crime and mystery novels as well as short stories and film screenplays. A Cool Breeze on the Underground, Winslow's debut and the first novel in his popular Neal Carey series, was nominated for an Edgar Award. Before becoming a fulltime writer, Winslow worked as a private detective in New York and California.

 The author, Don Winslow is an unique author.  Sometimes you can tell who the author of a book is by their style. Not with Mr. Winslow.  His style seems to change with each book.  THE KINGS OF COOL is on the lighter side which I feel is due to his writing style.  THE KINGS OF COOL is about a couple of Laguna beach bums who grow and distribute marijuana.  This was quite a lucritive business for them. THE KINGS OF COOL serves as sort of a prelude to Savages in that it provides information, not only on the characters in Savages met but a history of Laguna Beach during the sixties and seventies, mainly the drug scene. We actually have two scenes going on.  One is about Chon and Ben, the other is the tale of Taco Jesus and the San Diego drug scene during the early days.  The two story lines eventually come together in some unexpected ways.  I didn't particularly like the book.  It was OK but just not my cup of tea. I would advise reading SAVAGE first although it is the second book written. The prequel was written after the sequel. I just had a hard time getting into the book.  To me it was rather a slow read.  From what I read on reviews of SAVAGES, I need to read it.  It sounds like a darn good book.  Anyway, everyone has their own opinions and likes.  My suggestion was to read the books and make up your own mind.  What I find interesting may be different than what you find it to be. Pick up a copy and join THE KINGS OF COOL.

I would give this book 3 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of THE KINGS OF COOL by Don Winslow from NightOwlReviews for this unbiased review.

Savages (Savages, #1)

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