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September 13, 2013

THE EXPERIMENT by Cindy Bennett, Sherry Gammon & Jeffery Moore



A YA Novel
from the imaginations of
Cindy C. Bennett
Sherry Gammon
Jeffery Moore

Prose by Design (July 10, 2013)

(from Shelfari)
Time is running out for the Collaborative's oppressive rule of the remote world Senca One. The government attempts to suppress the escalating riots, even while seeking to further their experiments. When their parents are taken, triplets Juliet, Cilla, and Emiah Tripp set out to locate them, and soon discover they are at the center of a hunt to capture them.

Evading the Collaborative across Seneca One’s harsh terrain, they’re confronted with the trials of survival. They also discover something that changes the very core of what they are: they’re morphs. Struggling to adapt to the strange new ability, they question what they really are . . . and why. Are the rumors of experiments done on children true? Did their scientist parents have anything to do with it?

Their quest brings them to the capitol city of Brighton, which is on the verge of revolt. While searching for information about their parents, the Tripps align themselves with the very people fueling the rebellion. They unwittingly spark the revolution they want no part of and discover something more dangerous than they suspected.

 This novel's genre is Speculative Fiction. THE EXPERIMENT is a fast paced novel filled with romance, mystery and action. I was delighted to know that the book is written by three different authors joining their talents to come up with THE EXPERIMENT. Each author writing about a different character gave the book, not only one person's talent but three people. The book  has parts of Sci-Fi, Shifter and Dystopia.  Quite a combination.  The authors did it with style. The names of the characters at times were a little tricky, such as Emiah being Em and Juliet being nick named Jules. But once you get them straight it went right along at a good flow. I thought the cover fit the book perfectly. You can see the three characters with the planet in the background. The story starts with the Tripp family who have been hiding on Senca One. One day the Trolls arrest the parents.  The children run and hide in the forest. Their lives are then changed. Julia was changed by an attack that happened to her Later on in the story the other two characters were attacked.  What happens to them?  You'll have to read it. The three finally meet up with other characters and somehow pair off. The three children have a big decision to make.  Will they go and try to rescue their parents or will they become part of the cause.? The story is full of action, mystery and romance.  Will the friends help the triplets free their parents? The triplets have to stay one step ahead of the Trolls. I would recommend this book to everyone, not just the young but the young at heart.  We all like a little fantasy now and then. Go pick up a copy and join Jules, Em and Cil in their world of drama, suspense, mystery, betrayals and a little romance. The authors collaborated together and created a very good read.  Thank you Ms. Gammon, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Moore.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary e-book from the authors, for this unbiased review.

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Jeffery Moore
Moore was born in Germany. As a military brat, much of his childhood was spent abroad, growing up in Germany on military installations. He subsequently enlisted in the military and served for ten years as an army pilot. While in the military, he lived in Italy and South Korea and deployed to many European countries. He has traveled to Australia, Japan, Singapore and most European countries. His experiences and contact with many different cultures helps form some of the elements in his stories. He currently works for a global IT company and lives in Massachusetts.


Sherry Gammon
Unlovable was Gammon's debut novel and quickly rose to many top seller lists on Amazon. She is pleased to announce that Unlovable is currently being made into a movie. She has added two more novels to her body of work. Not so Easy, book one of the Souls in Peril series, is the poignant story of Max Sanchez who is on a journey to help the struggling JD Miller survive high school, and Pete & Tink, a fun, light-hearted novella of a manga-loving geek and a five-and-a-half inch fairy. Gammon and her husband, along with their children and a couple of crazy dogs, call Upstate New York home. It is where she spends her nights writing instead of sleeping.

 * * *
Cindy C Bennett
Bennett is the YA author of several books, including Geek GirlRapunzel Untangled, Enchanted Fairytales, and Heart on a Chain. She lives in Utah and has six kids (two of which are daughters in-law). She loves gooey cookies, dark chocolate, and cheese popcorn. She hates housework and cooking, and has no plans to become a domestic goddess. She occasionally co-hosts a geek podcast with her son, called Geek Revolution Radio. Her favorite pastime is riding her Harley. 

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Cindy C Bennett said...

Thank you so much, Gayle, for being part of the tour, and for the amazing review! We all really appreciate it. :o)

Sherry Gammon said...

Thank you for the spotlight!! We appreciate your review so much and the space you've allowed us on your blog!