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September 9, 2013




by Michael Aloisi, Foreward
and Michael Gore, Author


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Michael Gore is the author of Tales From A Mortician, a collection of twisted, horrifying stories sure to keep you up at night  The creepy collection contains stories that range from bugs that burrow under your skin to walking dead and necrophilia.  If you love gore, then you’ll will love Michael Gore. (FROM HIS WEBSITE)


From bed bugs that get under your skin, literally… to necrophilia, serial killers, the paranormal, cults, freak shows, jilted lovers and even a old curse are told within in the twenty horrifying stories from Tales From A Mortician. Each story will have your skin crawling or your stomach turning. Masterfully told by a writer who has more experience with the dead than anyone ever should, Michael Gore, who is a mortician by day, horror writer by night. Mr. Gore uses the bodies that come into his basement everyday as inspiration for his terrifying tales.

While each uniquely haunting story is told in a grim light, they all have one thing in common, someone always ends up dead. Which makes sense being that Mr. Gore’s favorite saying is…. “Every Body Has a Story.”

AUTHOR (From The Examiner)

The reclusive author of the newly released Tales From a Mortician (AuthorMike Dark Ink, $14.99), Gore is a pen name meant to protect the identity of this mortician-turned-storyteller. He hails from a small town in New England, where his family owned a butcher shop. At the age of sixteen, Gore, by then a self-professed horror film fanatic, secured a job at a local funeral home; this was in addition to the sixteen hours a week he would spend cleaning intestines for his father to make sausage out of. His tasks there eventually evolved into assisting with the embalming process, further solidifying his interest in the macabre. In 2000, Gore graduated from Mortuary School and found employment as a mortician, where he continues to commune with the dead. When asked why he writes such dark tales, his standard reply is, “To keep me from doing them in real life…”
Tales From a Mortician is a collection of twenty short stories that celebrate the horror genre and its many elements, from ghosts and serial killers to bed bugs (and beyond). Author/publisher Michael Aloisi (AKA Author Mike) acquired them after inadvertently observing Gore slip one of his stories into the jacket of a corpse. Following a year-long friendship, Aloisi finally convinced Gore to share his writing with the world, albeit with several sordid stipulations (such as an agreement that the two of them would fill a coffin with copies of the book and bury it in the woods upon publication).

 I love horror stories. I found that the  author is leading the reader into the dark and evil areas of FEAR. In this collection of short stories, Michael Gore, definitely writes not for the faint of heart. BLOOD SOUP is about a woman who makes up a love potion to trap a lover. In "BED BUGS" a woman who is considered a "shut in", fights against insects, many ,many insects which TV news makes her paranoia get out of hand. There is a lot of suspense even though this is a one character story. "BED BUGS" is the first story and has very close quarters for this woman and that adds to her paranoia.  There are no distractions.  I love that the author doesn't give you a break.  He keeps adding and adding the horror.  Some of the stories are not blood and guts.  "COTTON" is different.  A man grieving the loss of his wife and daughter.  The author didn't tell how the wife and daughter came to their demise.  I wish he would have.  "THE MAN AT THE END OF MY BED" tries to make us believe that the reappearing dead can serve the living.   That's a scary thought.  This book is a terrifying collection of short stories.  They may make your skin crawl or your heart race.  You may find yourself looking behind you.  The author is supposed to be a mortician and thus his ideas evolve.  The author says many of the tales came from true events.  Kind of makes you wonder what goes on in the darkness behind closed doors.?????  If you love horror and aren't skittish, you'll love this book.  

Thanks to Mr. Gore and Mr. Alosi for writing this terrifying, Horror book.  Write some more.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of this ebook, TALES FROM A MORTICIAN from the author Michael Gore for this honest review.

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