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September 9, 2013

STARLET'S RUN by Carla J. Hanna


Some content may contain some language and scenes that may not be suitable for YA.

The Starlet Series #2
by Carla J. Hanna

Starlet's Run (The Starlet, #2)

Published November 10th 2012 by Createspace

OVERVIEW (from Amazon)

Hollywood teen actress, Liana Marie, loves smart student athlete, Manuel. But when Lia's scripts speak for her and drama becomes her life, can Lia and Manny find the strength to run their own lines and shape their uncertain futures? In a world where an actress is a product and everyone is a critic, can their love survive? Should it?

STARLET'S RUN is a triumphant story of Lia's determination to step forward into a new and authentic life, taking on a role she has never before been given the chance to play - her self.

 I found that I was rather lost without reading Starlet's Web first. You don't get the character background if you don't.
It's hard for me to connect if I don't have that background. I did read them out of sequence, although I wouldn't recommend it.  I love first loves, even if sometimes they are just "puppy love". Those first loves can make you strong or unsure of yourself.  A lot of romances are based on those first loves.  I found myself rooting for Lia as she grew strong in character facing her health issues. I wanted her to get out of the bad influence that Hollywood was having on her life and her relationship with Manuel.  Through the struggles the two of them find a happy medium that satisfied them both. It seems like Lia's relationships have a knot in them.  The situation, whatever it may be, needs to be solved for that knot to untie. I liked the fact that Lia was not just tied to Manuel.  She had friends and a life outside of him.  the author sends a message without being too forward about it.  Such as the trouble young girls can get into in a big place such as Hollywood. Lia is not overly religious but is very spiritual.. 

 I believe this book is for everyone no matter if you believe or not. I do believe that Ms. Hanna has a writing style all of her own.  It was a little hard getting used to it at first.  Keep reading and you'll be surprised at the ending.  I was. Try to read the books in sequence.  It will make for a better understanding of what is happening.

I would give this book 4 STARS

I was given a complimentary ebook of STARLET'S RUN by Carla J. Harris from Literary Quill for this unbiased review.

The Other Books In The Series

 Starlet's Web, Starlet's Run, and Starlet's Light are currently available on Nook, Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes. Up next are the novellas: Starlet's Man and Starlet's Six.  Look forward to Starlet's End thereafter.


Carla J. Hanna is the author of the STARLET young adult contemporary romance and coming-of-age fiction novels. A former housewife of Santa Monica, marketing communications executive, and graduate of Colorado State University with a Master of Arts, she lives in Colorado with her family.

~ STARLET'S WEB won the January 21, 2013 IBD AWARD! ~

Twitter: CarlaJHanna


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Carla Hanna said...


Thank you so much for your review of Starlet's Run. I appreciate you encouraging readers to read the series in order. Cheers, Carla Hanna