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September 21, 2013

LYDIA'S HOPE by Marta Perry


The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley
Book One
Marta Perry
Lydia's Hope (The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley #1)
Berkley Trade (June 4, 2013)
(from Amazon)
Three Amish sisters, separated when very young, know nothing about one another—until a long-held secret is revealed.

With no memory of her birth parents, or the tragic accident that took their lives, Lydia Beachy has always been grateful for the aunt and uncle who took her in and raised her as their own. Now a married woman with two sons, Lydia finds her life turned upside down when she discovers that she has two younger sisters: Susanna, who was adopted by an Amish family in another community, and Chloe, who was raised by their grandmother among the Englisch.

Angry and confused, Lydia first seeks out Susanna but stops short of telling her the truth. To track down Chloe, she enlists the help of a neighbor who has spent some years in the Englisch world. Meanwhile, Lydia’s husband, Adam, is keeping a secret of his own. Lydia yearns to be united with the sisters she has never known, but will revealing herself to them tear their lives apart…or enrich them beyond all imagining?
I love Amish reads.  Marta Perry does them justice.  It always seem like the characters are so real and that you are right there with them.  LYDIA'S HOPE is book one in The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley series.  Ms. Perry adds in a little suspense, lots of love and a tale that will definitely warm your heart.  Lydia finds out after years that she has two sisters that she was never told about.  I would have been a trite angry. The secret changes her whole life and affects everyone around her. Lydia felt that everyone had betrayed her. The loving relationship she has had with her husband is now strained.  They both feel it.  The secret  has even affected Lydia's two boys.  She has to find her sisters and her neighbor who jumped the fence has offered to help her.  I can understand why Adam didn't like this.  He knew that in their Rumspringa days, Seth had taken Lydia home from a singing.  He felt that Lydia was building a relationship back up with Seth.  She finds her sister Susannah but holds back on telling her.  Susanna's mother is about to die and Lydia doesn't want Susanna to find out that her mother that is about to die is not her natural mother. No the right time to tell her. Then Seth finds Chloe who was brought up by her Englisch grandmother who has very bad feelings about the Amish. Her daughter had turned Amish when she met Eli.  Her mother had never forgiven her. Will Chloe find her way to become Lydia's sister?  Will Susanna ever be told?  Will Lydia and Adam find their way back to each other?  The author did a great job of giving us a beautiful story of love, betrayal and family.  I couldn't put this book down and it went much too quickly.  I can't wait to read another Marta Perry book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a nice heartwarming, clean read, especially if you like the Amish.  You won't want to miss Lydia, Adam, Chloe, Seth and the others.  So go pick up the book and help in the hunt to find the missing sisters. At the back of the book are some yummy recipes and an excerpt from SUSANNA'S DREAM.

I would give this book a solid 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book, LYDIA'S HOPE by Marta Perry from Manic Readers for this unbiased review.

I realized I wanted to be a writer at age eight, when I read my first Nancy Drew novel, The Secret of the Old Clock. Most little girl reach the end of that book wanting to be Nancy. I wanted to be the person who created the story!
The dream lay hidden for years while I became a teacher, married, had children...all the usual things. But eventually it re-surfaced, and I began to write, beginning with short children's stories for Sunday school take-home papers. It seemed a long time until that first acceptance, but eventually I began to sell. After some three hundred published short stories, I finally found the courage to work on the novel I'd always wanted to write.
Thirty-some published novels later, I still feel the same excitement every time I begin a new book--a mix of not believing I can do it combined with an overwhelming urge to see the story on the page.
A lifetime spent in rural Pennsylvania and my own Pennsylvania Dutch roots eventually led me to the books I'm writing now about the Amish.

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