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September 15, 2013

BOLERO by Joanie McDonell


by Joanie McDonell

Bolero: A Nick Sayler Novel
Published March 5th 2013 by Thomas & Mercer 
 (first published September 25th 2012) 

(from Goodreads)
Bolero introduces Nick Sayler, the private investigator who lives aboard a Hudson River barge with a brilliant savant, a retired psychiatrist and a stunning Creole girl. But Sayler's haunted by memories of the woman who took a bullet meant for him, so his good life is belied by a bad drinking habit. Then an emergency room doctor's desperate call about a ballerina with no memory and nothing on her except his card, changes everything. If he can dip into his notorious past to uncover the secret that will save the dancer, maybe he can finally save himself. Joanie McDonell's Bolero is an auspicious debut ? sophisticated, stylish, and sexy. We shall be hearing a lot more about Nick Sayler, a disenchanted hero in the classic mode.? ?

 I loved Nick Sayler.  As soon as I started reading, I knew this was gonna be good.  I didn't want  to put it down.  This is Book One in a series of Nick Sayler.  He's one of those guys you love one minute and turn around and can't stand him.  I still thought he was just it.  He had such control when it came to his ballerina.  He is haunted daily by the woman who took a bullet that was meant for him. You couldn't say this was a romance novel but there was quite a bit of romance floating around. The author, Ms. McDonell wove a lot into the story so that at one minute you think you've figured it out. You turn the page and all of a sudden you don't have a  clue. What a good book.  The ending was rather a surprise.  I wanted a different ending, but such is life. I can't say enough good about this book. I feel it was written and thought out well.  I would recommend this to anyone who loves mystery, detective and romance. Grab a copy and go with Nick Sayler as he protects his ballerina. Please hurry with a second book.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of BOLERO by Joanie McDonell from NightOwlReviews for my honest review.

Joanie McDonell, who once spent a lot of time aboard a barge very much like the Dumb Luck, now lives on the beach near the eastern end of Long Island. She's written poems, screenplays, the novel Half Crazy, and The Little Book of Hope. She is currently at work on the next book featuring Private Investigator Nick Sayler. 


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