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September 15, 2013



by Jill Di Donato

Jodi Plum will either make you hate her or love her.

Beautiful Garbage
Published April 1st 2013 by She Writes Press

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If Holly Golightly lived in the '80s, how far would she go to make a name for herself as Manhattan's artist du jour? We know all about Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring, and their fictional counterparts, but what about the edgy women artists of this time? Jodi Plum: smart, talented, ambitious, troubled. Fresh out of her teens, she leaves suburbia for Manhattan's glam and gritty art scene, and almost immediately falls into the clutches of Monika, a beautiful photographer. With the help of her new mentor, Jodi quickly becomes a rising star - but when a skeleton from her past surfaces, her dream life crashes to a halt, and she slips into a world of parties, drugs, and high-class prostitution.   Set in the crime-plagued New York City of the 1980s, Beautiful Garbage parallels an artist's journey with her sexual epiphanies, exploring the notorious milieu of the decade's downtown art scene from the point of view of a young female artist - and offering a satirical and irreverent look at post-'70s sexual politics and the world of elite call girls.   

This book is Ms. Di Donato's debut novel. The setting for the book is New York art scene, 1980's. We read of Jodi Plum and her journey throuhg sex, drugs and the art scene. She  has a lot of pain from her confusion about sexuality at an  early age.  She expresses herself through her art. That may save her. BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE is about Jodi's personnal evolution as she makes her way with her art. The book draws you in. You begin to care about Jodi.  Her life is complicated and you want to make it better. You can tell by the way the book is so well written that a lot of research and study went into the writing. I think I went through so many feelings as I read this amazing book.  Sometimes it was honest, disturbing, interesting, dark, edge of the seat and a real page turner. I would recommend this book to anybody that might be looking for something better in their life. It's Jodi's journey to the dark side of the art world, sex, need, morality, complications and so much more.  Will Jodi find herself, her true self?

I would give this book 5 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of  BEAUTIFUL GARBAGE from the author, Jill Di Donato for my honest review.

Thank you Ms. Di Donato for this informative and interesting story.  I look forward to your next book.

A Brooklyn native, Jill Di Donato holds an MFA from Columbia University in fiction writing. She is the Editorial Director for Unruly Heir's Media Channel, Good Days, writes a sex column for The Huffington Post and freelances, writing mostly about the arts, sex, relationships and fashion. She has been known to make TV and radio appearances as a "sexpert," and is unafraid to speak candidly about issues women are taught to keep under their skirts. She is especially interested in promoting the intellectual, emotional, and sexual growth of young women through literature, the arts, and style.

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Jill Di Donato said...

As an indie press author, I'm delighted for the attention my book has received, and Gayle Pace's keen understanding of my work is thoughtful and analytic. Great blog!