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September 7, 2013



 Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song

 (Fart Stories: Children's Picture Book) 

by Jose Fernandez

From #1 Best-Selling Author Jose Fernandez

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Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song (Smelly Tales And Other Disgusting Stories)

Published July 31st 2013 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. 

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 Go to the author's blog to have a short look at the book.

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Writer and Illustrator, Jose Fernandez lives out in the suburbs of Sunny London, England and loves to think up funny stories about farting and disgusting things all day long. He wrote the "Smelly Tales" series to showcase his favourite pet hobby, farting.

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Children will love this book!  Parents may think it isn't appropriate for little one, but it's not written for adults, it's written for children.

Children don't sit still for long.  They need something that will keep their attention and interest. telling them that they shouldn't be reading things like ARTHUR PONG AND HIS SMELLY SONG will only make them lose interest.  It may even cause them to not want to read another book. 

  They have to be encouraged. Reading is very important throughout their entire lives.  Don't discourage them right off the bat. Believe it or not, there is a message in this story.  Don't worry about what others think. If it makes you happy and it doesn't hurt anyone, then read it. (So long as it's age appropriate)  There's an audio version that the children can listen to also.  The book will probably have them giggling and laughing.  Maybe even the parents will give a little  grin.  If it makes the child happy, and they understand the inappropriate places for farts, then all is OK! I myself would probably not read this book to my child or get the book for my child.  This day and age almost anything goes.  They only thing I would suggest would be to got to the author's blog (link above) and read a little of the poem. Another thing I would definitely discuss the time and place for laughing about this subject.  They need to understand that it may hurt someones feelings if they are not careful.  That said, I would say to parent's, get the book and read it and then decide if it's for your child or not.

I would give this book 3 STARS.

I was given an ecopy of the book, Arthur Pong and His Smelly Song from the author, Jose Fernandez for this honest review.

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That's right...For a limited time you can download a FREE mp3 audiobook version of "Arthur Pong And His Smelly Song" with your purchase of this Kindle ebook. You and your kids will laugh out loud as you listen to this fart-tastic audiobook (complete with disgusting sound effects!) and page through over 2 dozen hilarious illustrations. That's twice the farting fun for kids of all ages!

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Jose Fernandez said...

Hey Gayle!
Thanks for the awesome honest, thoughtful review, I really appreciate it!

So soon too haha!

Thanks again for fitting my book into your schedule!