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September 11, 2013

AND LET THERE BE A HERO by Ross M. Kidwell


You've Never Met A Detective like Kalen GATT,
There's Never Been One
by Ross M. Kidwell

Published July 18th 2013 by Outskirts Press

And Let There Be a Hero: You've Never Met a Detective Like Kalen GATT - There's Never Been One

OVERVIEW (from Amazon)
The Dayton, Ohio is stunned by a series of savage deaths. Is it a vigilante murderer? A heartless assassin? Is it two different serial killers? That is the dilemma facing Detective Kalen Gatt. Added pressure comes from Chief Danforth, who was a personal friend of one of the victims. The friend was an icon whose coattails the Chief planned to ride in order to fulfill his political aspirations. Kale does not need an even more disgruntled boss with all that is facing him. And when he is unexpectedly drawn into a horrifying terrorist plot . . . it just may be too much for "Special K" to handle.

 This is an edge of the seat crime novel. The main character is a homicide detective, now a private eye.  Kalen Gatt has an obsession about psycho killers. He's good but it appears he may have fell into something that is way beyond his talents. The author keeps the suspense flowing and you just have to turn that page to see what is next. Kalen Gatt was in homicide when he just couldn't deal with Chief Danforth.  He decides to leave and become a private eye.  The detective has a physical handicap that he has had to learn to live with.  There's nothing wrong with his sharp mind though. He does have a flaw.  He has a major chip on his shoulder. I thought that the way the author wrote about Kalen was quite good.  You just want Kalen to be behind you or better yet, along side you, every step of the way. It isn't going after the bad guys  that bothers him.  It's the losses that innocent people suffer. The pain that they have to endure. Kalen is tracking a pair of serial killers who really test him.  But, Kalen stands tall, that is, until he finds himself smack dab in the middle of a plot, a terrorist plot. Kalen isn't afraid of what he is, he's scarred but that doesn't deter him from being "Special K". Some men would just give up and crawl into a shell but not him. He wants those bad guys and goes after them with a vengeance. The book flows nicely and is well written.  Sometimes I wanted to just hug Kalen and other times I wanted to tell him he wasn''t invincible.  Maybe that is what the author is trying to say.  Heroes are invincible, at least some of the time.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves crime and suspense.  Mr. Kidwell delivers and once you start reading, you're in for a ride.  So why not pick up a copy of AND LET THERE BE A HERO and become a side kick to Kalen.  Track down the bad guys and watch a hero at work.  I hope there is another book on the way.  Mr. Kidwell did not disappoint.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of AND LET THERE BE A HERO by Ross M. Kidwell for my unbiased review.

Thank you Mr. Kidwell for a  good suspense thriller.

Years ago, my spouse and I watched an acclaimed film. Great acting but the plot was boring. Up for several awards, it won zero. Surprising? Not to me. When we left the theater, I remarked, "The storyline was horrible, I could write something better than that." My spouse said, "Why don't you?" Meaning, "Drop the subject," but I took it as a challenge. In four years, I wrote seven stories; four novels; a poetry anthology; and two musical plays. The writing bug did not bite me; it crawled into my ear and lodged in my brain. 

This is the prequel to AND LET THERE BE A HERO. I might suggest you read this first to get the background on "Special K".

The Wailin' Beaver
 Future Detective Kalen Gerald Gatt, a six year old dreaming of becoming a cop.

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