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August 28, 2013


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A Doctor's Betrayal-Divine Deliverance
by Joanie Bolton
A True Story

Published June 9th 2013 by Yellow Bird Press


Darrell Bolton, a retired Air Force officer, never imagined that his military career could still cost him his life--even after he had retired. While on a missionary trip to the Far East, Darrell, overcome with severe pain, was rushed to the hospital. Suddenly, he found himself viewed as "the enemy"! This gripping, true story will captivate you as you live with the Boltons through the horrific stress of being stranded in a third-world hospital...with a doctor whose only plan for his critically ill patient involved a slab in the morgue!

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I was so wrapped up in this book that I had trouble putting it down. The only thing you can think about is if Darrell was OK. Just when I thought he was there was another set back. The author wrote a difficult book to write. It takes a lot of courage to write about a loved one who is going through so much. The author makes you feel all the emotions that her and her husband went through.  It's not easy to put your emotions in writing so that others will feel that. The story is a wonderful story of love, faith and trusting in God. Their faith was really tested on their mission trip to the far east.  They really did shine. 
 The book shows that there is hope when you are put in a difficult situation. God is there and you can go to him with anything.  Faith in God will carry you through the worst and the best. The book has quotes from several medical professionals stating that Darrell should have died from the mistreatment he received. Whether you believe or not, the book is a wonderful story, a true story.
It's a story of courage, faith, and love.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of the book, WITH UNWASHED HANDS from the author, Jodie Bolton for my review.

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Joanie Bolton has been married to Darrell for over 31 years. They have two married sons and four grandchildren. When her husband Darrell retired from the U. S. Air Force, he directed his energies into short-term mission trips, many to third-world countries. Because Joanie has joined him on several trips, she was present when a doctor's horrific mistreatment of her husband almost took his life. As they finally began to tell the graphic details and almost unbelievable experiences of their 2011 mission trip, nearly all who heard have insisted, "Please, please write a book!"

You can email Joanie at
There is also a Facebook page for the book, With Unwashed Hands, a true-life story. Joanie will be posting portions of the book that did not make the book at a later date.
The book's website is There are many color pictures and a few videos taken on their trip.
A portion of the proceeds of the book "With Unwashed Hands" will go to help fund future missions trips for MVP Missions. 

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kimbacaffeinate said...

The synopsis made my hands sweat. This sounds good, and I love when an author connects you to the characters emotions. Lovely review