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August 24, 2013


End Times SAGA #2

by Cliff Ball


  Published February 3rd 2012 by Createspace

Terrorist plot expert.
Bodyguard to the President.
Tested faith and personal troubles--
How will Brian Atwood face the End Times?

FBI Agent Brian Atwood is used to danger, and when he hunts down leads to a terrorist plot and saves a U.S. Airbase, he's eventually offered a position to be the personal bodyguard of the President of the United States. The job not only tests his skills as an agent, but also his faith as a Christian when he discovers that the President has the morals of an alley cat. As Brian tries to come to terms with doing his job and having to look the other way, his world begins to crumble. His wife is dying of cancer and his son was taken away by the government because he has Downs Syndrome. What else can go wrong? As the End Times approaches and the U.S. disintegrates into chaos, Brian must try to save his family

This book is the work of the author's imagination even though there is Scripture in it.  Some of the book really made you stop and imagine how it would be if things were to really happen as the author wrote. Once you've read a few pages, you don't want to stop. The main character, Brian and the book is written as his point of view.Brian is married with two children and a third on the way.  He works for the FBI and got a promotion to the secret service detail.Brian is quite excited with his new job. He was privy to the inner workings of the American government. The excitement didn't last long and he knows he won't last very long with the administration.  He was also excited about his new son's arrival. The new baby has Downs Syndrome.Even though the parent's are against it, the government wants to put the child in a facility.I felt for Brian. He had the government, a family, a new baby and a wife that has cancer.  What a load for anyone.  The story captures your attention and holds it. It may put a little fear in you as you begin to wonder what could happen if we continue to let the government have more and more control over things.According to the government making decisions for us is to "keep us safe." The author did a good job of having current events lead into the end of times. The author included prayers in this novel.  I found at different points in time I could actually relate to the characters and some of the situations they were in. I would recommend this book as a good read to anyone, believers or not. It might hit home that we need to keep the faith and not give up.  You may also wonder "is this happening now" or "could this actually happen?"  You decide.

I would give this book 3 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of TIMES OF TROUBLE from the author, Cliff Ball for this honest review.

I'm a Christian first and foremost. My novels are written from my worldview, so they have either Christian or Conservative themes in them. I live in D/FW, have 2 BA's and Technical Writing Certificate from University of North Texas.

In order of original publication:
Out of Time - 2008
Don't Mess With Earth - 2009
The Usurper - 2010
Shattered Earth - 2010
Voyager and the Aliens - 2011
Dust Storm - 2011
New Frontier - 2011
Times of Trouble - 2012
Times of Trial - 2012
Final Frontier - 2012 (sequel to New Frontier)
Beyond the New Frontier - combined novel
Times of Turmoil - 2013
The End Times Saga
(from the author)
Times of Turmoil - Book 1
The Evans family sets out to destroy Christian influence in the U.S.

Times of Trouble - Book 2
The Atwood family watch as the U.S. begins to fall apart around them as the End Times approach.

Times of Trial - Book 3
When the President declares a dictatorship, he begins the immediate persecution of Christians shortly before the End Times.

Jon Ryan: An End Times Short Story - Book 4
Jon Ryan has to deal with the government interfering in health care shortly before the End Times approach.

Xavier Doolittle - Book 5
Xavier, another character from Times of Trouble, goes to work for the federal government and completely abandons his Christian faith, until he meets Brian Atwood.

This novel is a clean read: no cussing, no sex, little violence. 


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