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August 30, 2013

THE EDDY by Eli Just

A Supernatural Mystery Novel
 by Eli Just


 Published April 6th 2010 by PublishAmerica 

Two people who have not seen each other since their college days in California meet up again.  Linda and Paul had done some crazy , wild things back then.  Linda has a teenager and is divorced.  She is the owner of a shop in NYC.  Paul is rather quiet and reserved. Linda finds herself in a space time anomaly.  She ends up following a stranger to a place called The Eddy.  Linda finally escapes and tells Paul.  He has been to The Eddy too. Paul, being a physicist, is intrigued by the whole thing.  Linda doesn't want anything to do with it.Their futures become as one.  They are on an inter-dimensional, supernatural adventure that has an unexpected ending.

THE EDDY is a supernatural mystery in real life theories. The author Eli Just is a former history teacher who studies physics. He writes about whether there may be alternate universes. He says that we no longer take for granted the world as we see it. Other universes may exist. I so agree.  The world today is not like it was ten or twenty years ago. His novel is a scenario of anything is possible, with  that wonderful mystery and suspense thrown in. The book opens with Linda, a NYC shop owner, mother of a teenager who is struggling with being divorced. She is asked out to lunch by a total stranger and she ends up in a little restaurant, The Eddy.  Her lunch date leaves her there. She feels as though she has been in the diner for weeks.  What gets me is she just took off with this  stranger.  That's trouble waiting to happen.
She runs into Paul, a college flame from years ago and they realize they have both been at The Eddy. Maybe there have been others. Who knows?  Mr. Just says that The Eddy is   like water eddies.  A little world moving on its own. Isn't that so true. Life goes on no matter what.I found it interesting that Paul thought The Eddy would give him the key. What key?  What to? The ending was absolutely surprising.  Although this is a fictional fantasy read, it has some lessons to be learned.  It could happen, couldn't it?
Pick up a copy and  follow Paul and Linda. Who knows you may end up at The Eddy

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I received this complimentary copy of THE EDDY by Eli Just from NightOwlReviews for my review.

Eli lives with his charming wife, where he enjoys life writing novels and songs. He plays the guitar and harmonica, and sings the blues (a coincidence of Manny… I think not! But, I digress… you be the judge). A father of two sons, his dream is to live in the North Georgia Mountains, where he can continue to write, fish and do anything else that involves enjoying life.

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