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August 26, 2013

THE CEO by Steve Bederman


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by Steve Bederman


Published April 21st 2010 by Solstice Publishing
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Climbing the Corporate Ladder Is Murder
(from back of book)

"The CEO" is a fast paced corporate thriller of loves come and gone, innovation, resilience, corporate philanthropy, vision, and deception. Corporate business leaders are protected by their own small armies of private security whose power will surprise. The story takes the reader behind the scenes and into the back office meetings of both corporations and countries; travelling from Denver to New York to London to Bogota and to Paris. As Mitch and his team of loyalists' race against time they are faced with constant revelation of threats against the company and those involved; including the life of the woman that Mitch falls deeply in love with. The depth of the plot reveals a 200 year old secret between two of the world's most powerful countries. If the secret is revealed it could destroy the balance of power in the world. Though, if the secret stays protected it could crush all that Mitch Jacobs desires. Although Mitch Jacobs never questions his ability to conquer the current forces against him, it is a race to answer the questions: Will Mitch be able to discover who is leading the attack on him before it is too late? Is this conspiracy the result of the usual corporate competition or does it emanate from the power hungry executives in his company? What interest do certain world leaders have in this plot that will destroy all that Mitch has built? Most important Mitch has fallen in love with two women whose essence and similarities (and differences) of character lead him on his mission

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THE CEO was a book full of action, suspense with a little romance thrown in.  The plot was about power struggle in the Corporate world.  The author developed the characters so that they were very true to life.
  I don't normally read this type of book, but was glad I did. I heard from a friend that the author was a CEO himself.  I looked a little and found out he is.  I found that the author put in some of his own experiences which only added to the book's appeal. The main character is Mitch Jacobs who is the CEO of a corporation and even owns the heart of one of the leaders of a foreign country.  Needless to say, he is a self made man. He doesn't know but is about to be in a target in a game of corporate espionage.  Everyone likes Mitch. He is so generous with his time and money.  Why would someone want to hurt him and take over his hard earned corporation? Every time he thinks he knows who it is, it takes him back to his own territory.  He hires his best friend, who happens to be a hired gun. He isn't sure if there may be another group, secretly operated by what is thought to be one of the United States allies. There's something seriously wrong when everybody likes him and yet so many want him dead. Can Mitch trust anyone?  Will this be the end of Mitch?  This novel is an entangled web of lies and intrigue.  The author delivered a fast paced thriller. The power of people in this book surprised me. You will follow the company anywhere from Denver to Paris and points beyond.  And then we have the romance.  Mitch falls in love with two women, much alike and yet so different, that lead him on his journey. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you turn the page and find you were wrong.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery, suspense and romance. 

I would give this book 3 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of the book THE CEO by the author, Steve Bederman for view of this book.

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"For many years I have been a CEO of global technology companies. I had never intended this to be my course of career but I had started a two man operation years before and …well…one thing led to the other and eventually we had 6 global offices and led the world in our field. It was very difficult and surprisingly I have often thought that if I ever wrote an autobiography that people would not believe it and think it to be fiction. At the same time I have been an avid reader of Espionage Thrillers.  The only problem was that my not being a spy sort of got in the way of of my personal relationship with the protagonists.  One day I found a wonderful writer named Stephen Frey.  He wrote what I call "Corporate Thrillers".. Suddenly I could relate.  The only problem was that after many books and years, he has not released a corporate type novel in a long, long times. I have searched and searched for a replacement.,  No Luck!  In my frustration and being the 'can do' guy that I am, I wrote a series of novels.   The series  builds on the 'entrpreneurial spirit' of the corporate world.  Along with this, an international flavor of intrigue and  challenge"



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