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August 4, 2013



ROAD TO JUSTICE, PATH TO REVENGE                       
by Edward Vogler


 A bullet narrowly misses  Ed Jenkins when entering his workplace, one week before his retirement, and then is informed of his best friend's accident the previous night where Ed Jenkins was scheduled to accompany him. He visualizes himself walking on the white sandy beach with his wife, Jane, drinking their morning coffee while enjoying the sunrise and a gentle sea breeze. He is abruptly brought back to reality when his friend dies and after his hectic last week at work, flies to Florida joining his wife Jane and celebrates his retirement on a cruise ship from Port Canaveral. While waiting for Jane to return with the morning coffee the following morning, he is violently attacked on his cabin balcony and is ultimately thrown overboard. Jane returns and can't find Ed. While she searches for him aboard the ship, he spends several days and nights adrift in the Caribbean. Weak and near death, he is picked up by a boatload of immigrants heading to the U.S. A Coast Guard cutter intercepts the boat but Ed, who is completely exhausted, weak and unable to move or speak from his ordeal in the Caribbean is thought to be just another immigrant. The boat is forced to turn around which ends up in Cuba. Ed, near death and with swollen eyes and unable to see, is abandoned on the beach. He tries to walk but passes out. He is eventually picked up and cared for by a brother-sister family who nurses him back to life. During that time, he slowly regains his strength and learns about the Cuban culture, its food and way of life. They attempt to get a message to Jane, although that fails, then make risky plans to get him back to the U.S., circumventing the Cuban authorities. Intercepted by the Coast Guard, he is eventually returned to Tampa and finally rejoins his wife. Gustavo, the man who shot at and narrowly missed Ed and damaged his friend's car causing his death, was the same man who threw him overboard from the cruise ship, or was he?

Ed Jenkins has been looking forward to moving to  Florida with his wife Jane but it seems like it may not happen.  A bullet barely misses him, but hits his friend. The book had my undivided attention. The author, Mr.  Vogler gave such realistic descriptions of scenes Which make you feel you are there and you get this feeling of dread.  Something is going to happen on the next page.  I started reading this book thinking it was true. It could at a long shot be true, but then I figured out it was fiction.   A little more believable that way. It took me a while to get into the book but once I did I enjoyed it.  I couldn't figure out how Jane could be so calm when her husband had just been thrown overboard on a cruise ship. I would probably been a raving maniac. I felt that the story was well written with maybe a few things that could have been edited but all said,  it was quite good.If you like books with lots of suspense, you might enjoy reading this.  I thought I had the ending all figured out and boy, was I wrong, What a surprise. Don't give up on the first few pages, the plot improves after that. This is a short read but worth it.  Pick up a copy and find out for yourself.

I would give this book a 4 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, ROAD TO JUSTICE, PATH TO REVENGE from the author, Edward Vogler for this unbiased review.

 Edward Vogler, a Marine Corps veteran, commercial pilot and flight instructor, flew for twenty years. He enjoyed a 41 year career in the automotive industry traveling throughout the U.S. and Japan. His many travels and experiences have provided a plethora of short exciting stories distributed locally in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

A large content of "Road to Justice, Path of Justice," his first novel, comes from real life experiences. He is now writing a second novel which is nearing completion.

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