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August 23, 2013


haunting imagery in prose and poetry 

a novel by Jamil Clayton
 Published April 27th 2013 by Outskirts Press

After losing his wife and son in a tragic car accident, John Hopewell’s life is changed forever. He finds himself living on the streets, estranged from his children, and drinking away his sorrows. But one day, everything changes. John meets Malik, a young man who is struggling to find his place in the world. Together, John and Malik share a bond through the written Word. Kevin, a high school graduate, tries to find peace within himself to forgive his father, the man who abandoned him and his family when Kevin was young. Throughout his life, Kevin has held a grudge against his father, but his love for his mother and sister enabled him to grow into the man his father never was. Now, Kevin must decide if he is capable of forgiving his father for his lies and deceit. Phillip and his three daughters start to become distant as the illness of their mother, Laura, determines her fate. As his daughters face their own trials and tribulations, Philip works earnestly to repair the disheartening spirits of his daughters. But will it be enough to carry them through in their troubled days ahead, or will the fate of their mother destroy their family once and for all. Poems of a Fatherless World is a diverse collection of poems and stories. The stories focus on characters who find each other, as they are all connected through people, places, and things. Everyone has an internal connection that is destined to bring them closer as their troubling lives are enhanced day by day. But all things are done through Christ. Will they learn and grow from their mistakes, or will they continue to live in a vicious cycle of sin and stubbornness? Will the love in their hearts find its way, or will wickedness prevail? Can they find love in one another, or will their deceitful hearts consume them? Only time will tell.

 (ron trammer)

The book is a fictional novel and it will definitely captivate you.  Included in the book is the life of John Hopewell.  He has lost his wife and son and is drowning his sorrows and living on the streets.. There is also the story of a high school graduate who hates his father. His father had left him long ago.  He grows into a man that his father would never have been.  He did it with the loving help of his mother and sister. Then there is Phillip who is struggling with 3 daughters and an ailing wife. I really enjoyed the fact that the author put poetry before each story.It's like going to the movies and having intermission. POEMS OF A FATHERLESS WORLD brings a spiritual awareness that eases the heart.  The author through his stories and poetry lets us see that we are not alone.  God is just waiting for our acceptance as the one and only God of the universe. I found the stories make you take a look into yourself.  What do I believe? The author has combined an array of poems and short stories that are so wonderfully written.  The writings pull at your emotions and the way you are thinking in so many different ways.  You feel that you are right beside the character, seeing and feeling first hand what they are going through.  I found the poetry to be so wonderful.  I just couldn't keep but reading. It makes you reflect on how you've treated others.  A lot of emotions will surface as you read this book.   The only fault I found was the book was just a little pushy about religion.  I would have preferred to just focus on the stories and especially the poetry.  That could be because I'm not a real religious person. My favorite poem was Troubled Minds.  I would recommend this book to those who believe and those who don't.  The stories and poetry are well worth the read.  Try it.  You may find that some of the book will hit home.  

I would give this book 3 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book, POEMS OF A FATHERLESS WORLD by the author, Jamil Clayton for this honest review.

Jamil Clayton is a native of Wilmington, Delaware. He was first educated at Delaware Technical Community College receiving his A.A.S in Institutional Management. He later went on to graduate with a B.A. in Business Management from Delaware University. After college, Jamil held various positions in financial institutions, sales, and throughout the hospitality industry. Jamil loves to travel, read poetry, write, and motivate others to be a contributor for the greater good of humanity focusing on God first. Jamil is currently working on his second novel, Poems of a Motherless World while continuing his studies in African American history and the African diaspora.

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