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August 7, 2013


JOHN'S GOSPEL                                                3 STARS
by Lee Harmon  aka The Dubious Disciple

What happens if we pull John's Gospel out from the shadow of the other three, and grant John a mind of his own? What will he have to say? Why does this gospel deviate so drastically from the theology of the others? Could this really be the reminiscing of an original apostle, sixty years after the death of Jesus? Were Christians finally being made privy to the direct teachings and miracles of the Son of God?

Listen in as John finally dictates his version of the Jesus story to a Gentile scribe and a disheartened fellow Jew.

In this astonishing and controversial verse-by-verse examination of the Fourth Gospel, you'll learn to appreciate John's contribution to Christianity in a surprising new way. I guarantee, you've never read John's Gospel like this before!

JOHN'S GOSPEL:THE WAY IT HAPPENED is the sequel to "REVELATION:THE WAY IT HAPPENED".  Mr. Harmon has wove a fiction read with fact with his interpretation of the Gospel of John.  The author wrote his points of view and wrote them well.  No one says we have to agree with his interpretation.  Everyone has the right to his view. If you don't agree you can state it without being crude.  I myself am not a firm believer, but I think the book gives much information that can broaden a person.  Everything, books, emotions, views, actions and reactions are all education. We learn from everyone of them.  There are believers and non-believers.  But we are all humans and we all have feelings.  I don't feel just because you disagree with someone, it should be turned into something rude and crude.  The author put scriptures through the book as the story is from various points of opinion.
I felt that I was with the characters at some places in the book.  You can look at this book as a story of people who had some of the same struggles and trials as we do today. I feel if we just open our minds we can see someone else's point of view.  We don't live in a world of our own. 

In JOHN"S GOSPEL, the author delves into John's revelation of the Messiah He adds insight into the Bible that everyone, believers or non-believers can  gain from. Mr. Harmon tells us that no religious belief is completely right or completely wrong.

This is not exactly a review of the book but more of my reaction to some other reviews and reactions. I feel we need a variety of reading material, many genres, if nothing more than to broaden our minds.We may not agree, we may not even like the author's opinion but at least we have given ourselves the experience of getting someone else's view.  If you like religious reads,, then pick up a copy and decide for yourself.  You may just gain one little bit of eduction from it.  If you don't care for religious reads, then decide for yourself if you want to read or not.

I would give this book  3 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of JOHN"S GOSPEL:THE WAY IT HAPPENED by Lee Harmon for this unbiased view.

aka The Dubious Disciple

Hello! I'm an author, historical Jesus scholar, book reviewer, and liberal Christian, which means I appreciate and attempt to exercise the humanitarian teachings of Jesus without getting hung up on supernatural or religious beliefs. I am put off by neither the atheist nor the strict fundamentalist ... or, for that matter, the Muslim or Buddhist. All are brothers, and none has a monopoly on God.

The Bible is a magnificent book that has inspired and spiritually fed generations for thousands of years, and each new century seems to bring a deeper understanding of life’s purpose. This is true of not only Christianity; through the years, our age-old religions have slowly transformed from superstitious rituals into humanitarian philosophies. In short, we are growing up, and I am thrilled to be riding the wave.

I avidly read all things religious. New authors: I'd love to read and review your book!

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