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July 24, 2013

THE WISHER'S WELL by Bhavna Khemlani

THE WISHER'S WELL                                          4 STARS
by Bhavna Khemlani 


This is a story of four compassionate and aspirant teenagers,’ Yuna Lee, Joben Saito, Alec Burley and Amporn Srisai who decide to travel for two weeks to four countries in Southeast Asia. They don’t know which country they will travel to. Each of them makes a wish. It’s a gamble and they pick up a chit randomly, just like opening a fortune cookie. It’s fascinating to know which country brings a new story and what each teenager discovers from traveling to that country. Yuna is tired with her weekend cooking responsibility. Joben has travelled from Japan to make sure he attains a high school diploma. Alec is drenched and disgusted with exams. Amporn feels absorbed with singing. Each of them feels the gravity of reality during their twelfth grade requirements. Is taking a break before University a good Idea? Was their location right? Could they adjust? What do they learn? Each country picked randomly is just like craving for a boon from a wish well, which may or may not be fulfilled. Dive into a thought and make a wish. Which destination you choose is a secret that promises you a miraculous experience.

I found that THE WISHER'S WELL was a good read.  It takes me back to some of my younger days.  The book was an adventure and the teenagers were so full of life. Four teenagers travel to four countries in Southeast Asia.  This part I liked  a lot.  The teenagers never knew where they were going. Each of them makes a wish. I found that each country brought a different story to each teenager. They discover so many wonderful things on this adventure.I found that this was a journey for me too.As the teenagers went to the different countries, their reactions brought a smile to my face.  I felt that this was a good journey to make before going to the University.  This was a wonderful story of youth and innocence.  I would recommend this book o anyone, young and young at heart.  Pick up a copy and follow the youth on their journey and adventures.  Everyone should experience a little of the adventure the teenagers experienced.  Wonderful.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of THE WISHER'S WELL from the author for this unbiased review.

 Bhavna was born in India, raised in Taiwan and shifted to the Land of Smiles, ‘Thailand'. She has been living in Bangkok City for over 20 years. She finds it a magnificent feeling to write and share the inspiration of the mind to everyone. Our heart and mind is beautiful and has the ability to pen down our thoughts into wonderful writing, she believes. She is a high school teacher and a freelance writer. Bhavna believes in living each day toasting to the support and love from everyone.​Bhavna-Khemlani/e/​B004K6S0IO

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