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July 13, 2013

NIGHTINGALE by Melissa Mickelsen

NIGHTINGALE                                                        4 STARS
by Melissa Mickelsen



In a land of vast forests and clustered cities, humans and anthelai live in uneasy proximity. Forced deep into the wilds, the anthelai are feared and hated. They are perceived as monsters, servants of the dark god Enas, master of the hell-like Plains of Centura. Halfbloods, the children of two species, are extremely rare. The blood does not mix easy, but when it does, the result belongs to neither side. They are outcasts. Anathema. Pariah. The lone survivor of an attack that destroys her home and family, one halfblood girl is captured by a man bent on transforming her into a deadly assassin. Guildmaster Lorcen Caspon hopes that her demon-like presence at his side will aid him in conquering a kingdom. Bound by magic to work her master's dark plan, the woman, known only as the Nightingale, silently vows her revenge. She has lost her home, family, freedom, and even her name. But the Nightingale is stronger than anyone realizes, and she will not break.


NIGHTINGALE is a half blood daughter of an 'anthelai' (elf-like) father and human mother. NIGHTINGALE is captured after an attack on her home.  The man who captured her intends upon making her into a deadly assassin.  The author takes you on a journey to a far away land and time.
Ms.  Mickelsen's descriptions are wonderfully vivid.  She describes the Anthela and Cardea people and their ways of life.  The book is fast paced and hard to put down.  The author keeps your attention from the moment you read the first page. NIGHTINGALE does become a heartless killer.  So sad that innocence and naivety are destroyed and replaced with rage.  You feel so sorry for NIGHTINGALE even though she has been honed into a killer. The other characters in the book are also interesting.  The author gave us a wonderful story with a web of magic, fantasy and mystery all in a mix.  This is a great read for the young and young at heart.  I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers.  I hope there are more books in the making.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I liked the cover,  3.5 STARS

I received a complimentary copy of this book NIGHTINGALE from the author, Melissa Mickelsen for this unbiased review.

Melissa Mickelsen was born and raised in Georgia. She currently lives in Germany with her Air Force husband and two cats. Melissa loves hiking in the mountains, eating strawberries, reading, reading, more reading, and really good barbecue. Nightingale is her debut novel.

She began writing in high school and has published a few short stories in online magazines. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2007 with a degree in Art History, Melissa worked in various jobs, such as a mental health technician at a large hospital and as a serials assistant in a medical library, before pursuing a master’s degree in technical communication and information design from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Although she does not write full time, that is a goal for the future. Nightingale, published by Hadley Rille Books, is hopefully the first of  many.


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M. Mickelsen said...

Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Nightingale.