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July 15, 2013


 Misery Loves Company

MISERY LOVES COMPANY                                        
by Rene Gutteridge

                                              5 STARS

Don’t tell me it’s terrifying. Terrify me.
Filled with grief, Jules Belleno rarely leaves the house since her husband’s death while on duty as a police officer. Other than the reviews Jules writes on her blog, she has little contact with the outside world.

But one day when she ventures out to the local grocery store, Jules bumps into a fellow customer . . . and recognizes him as her favorite author, Patrick Reagan. Jules gushes and thoroughly embarrasses herself before Regan graciously talks with her.

And that’s the last thing she remembers—until she wakes up in a strange room with a splitting headache. She’s been kidnapped. And what she discovers will change everything she believed about her husband’s death . . . her career . . . and her faith.


The author did a fantastic job of keeping you  wondering where this would end up.  Once you get to the point you've got it figured out, the road turns in the opposite direction. I always feel that is the sign of a good book.  One that keeps you turning those pages to find out what's next.  This book certainly did that.  I couldn't put it down.  The author made the characters so real.  In your imagination this could really happen.  That's what I love about a book.  That you can actually see it happening. 

 You have  writings by two people, an author releasing his writing career and one wanting to begin hers. Then enters the criminal part of it with the investigation.  I had no idea that there was anything criminal, except the taking of Jules.  In my eyes there were two separate parts to Jules.  She was this loner who was having trouble letting go of the loss of her husband and the part of her who was strong, surviving her ordeal with Patrick.  After all was said and done, she cared for him, felt his presence.  You could feel  her emotions, as though you were the one experiencing them.  It was intriguing when you finally figure out what Patrick was trying to do with Jules.  Not what you start out thinking.  The author wove that web with many twists and turns which  kept me guessing and turning those pages.  I  couldn't figure out the cover on the book but after I got into the book, it fit in perfectly. I would recommend this book to everyone.  Pick up a copy and enter the world of Jules and Patrick..  Fantastic read.

I would give this book 5 STARS.

I received a complimentary copy of this book,  MISERY LOVES COMPANY by Rene Gutteridge from Tyndale House Publishers for this unbiased review.

Rene Gutteridge is the author of eighteen novels, including Escapement, Possession, Listen, Never the Bride (2011 Carol Award Winner), The Boo Series, The Storm Series, The Occupational Hazards Series and My Life as a Doormat, a Women of Faith selection for 2006. She has a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in screenwriting and twenty years of experience writing, directing and publishing comedy sketches. She writes in both comedy and suspense genres. Her upcoming releases from Tyndale House Publishers: Heart of the Country, Misery Loves Company and Old Fashioned. From B&H Publishers: Greetings from the Flipside co-written with Cheryl McKay.

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