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July 23, 2013

FEAR NO NUMBERS by Jose Paul MorettoI


How To Multiply and Divide and Always Get It Right
by Jose Paul  Moretto


"I don't like math!" "When will I ever use this?" "What's the point?" If you've ever thought any of the above, discover the game of 9 = 0! This is where the FUN begins! You'll find by using the right systems, you'll be able to simplify large numbers, and make them melt like margarine on a hot skillet! You'll be introduced to a shorter method of solving division problems. You'll also discover how varied and colorful math history is, and be introduced to the curious world of "amicable numbers." Along with these fun new tools in your "pocket," you'll also be introduced to the mindset of innovators who have accomplished feats beyond what everyone else thought they were capable of doing. Step inside this new world of math, and you will Fear No Numbers!

The author, Mr. Moretto, is giving an approach to teaching kids an easier way to multiply and divide. Mr. Moretto saw the level that the young ones were rated in 2010 in math and science.  He felt that they needed an addition to what they were currently learning.  Thus, FEAR NO NUMBERS. Some readers might recall the "casting out nines" for checking your arithmetic.  It isn't taught much anymore though.  Mr. Moretto sets a firm foundation for that  method.

Mr. Moretto's "Proof by 9 system (TM)" is a theory to look at the problem in a different way using fast and simple ways. He states that it's not likely that "you can do every multiplication and division operation exact each and every time. " The ,author shows examples that are clear that shows the technique.  I wished that the author had shown some examples of unsuccessful problems  This method is easy to use.  I liked the fact that he encourages and helps the reader understand that everyone makes mistakes.  The utmost objective is to realize that you must recognize when that happens and how to fix it. This is a new era and with that we need easier and more efficient ways of doing things.  I myself, am going to keep trying this method.  I would recommend this book to everyone, young and old.  You're never to old to learn.  I feel that the author has introduced a method that can save time and money.  We just have to adjust our attitudes that there are better ways.  Pick up[ a copy and decide for yourself. If you have a child that is having difficulty with his numbers, this book may help.

I would give this book  4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of FEAR NO NUMBERS by the author, Jose Paul Moretto for this honest review.

Inspired by his math teacher, J. Paul Moretto has since developed newer mathematical theorems. His insight into math was essential, when serving in the French Air Force, and then at Citroën   FEAR NO NUMBERS is this author's first book.  For his next book he wants to address and recount his childhood experiences during and after World War II, while staying in orphanages in Southern France.  Conditions were harsh; little food, very little resources for clothing and sometimes abuse by the people in charge. The author says that there were also times of laughter, discovery and vindication especially after D-Day.


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