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June 10, 2013


 Book 1: The Life of Vanora Brice                                                                     
 by Gordon Rice                                                   
                                                                                                4.5 STARS


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO STOP TIME AND NOT NEED MARIJUANA TO DO IT? THEN YOU HAVE TO READ "THE LIFE OF VANORA BRICE." "THE LIFE OF VANORA BRICE" is the first book of a trilogy called "THE LIFE, DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF VANORA BRICE" a three generational saga of the Brice Family covering from the 1800's to the present time. The intent of the author, GORDON RICE, is to manipulate time in all its aspects so that the reader ends up with the sense that there's no past, present or future; that TIME HAS STOPPED. He achieves this writing with an elegant prose full of images, like a movie passing through your mind. The magic realism mixed with the true historical elements makes this book enthralling and easy to read. And you can read it starting from the beginning or starting from the end, or the middle or starting from any MEMORY and the result every time will be the experience of a different emotional context overall. In the novel you will learn about Theodore Brice, one of the main protagonists who left a cushy life in Chicago to search for the Promised Land, becoming a cowboy and later a diplomat during the Mexican Revolution. During the novel you will relive the moments of lucidity and madness of Lily Martial, Theodore's wife, who delves in and out of a fantasy world where no one else can enter and you will be witness to the birth of Vanora Brice, the main protagonist of the trilogy. She will be born with powers unlike anyone has witnessed and we will see her metamorphosis from a child into a beautiful and powerful woman that will intrigue you and fascinate you like a Cobra does: you'll witness how she strikes down her enemies, one by one, throughout her life. You will see the suffering of the Yaqui Indians at the hands of the Mexican soldiers under the command of the dictator Porfirio Diaz who hated them and wanted their fertile lands in the Sonora Valley. The Yaqui will be exterminated, brutalized and sent to concentration camps in Yucatan, Mexico where

The first book in the series THE LIFE, DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF VANORA BRICE is THE LIFE OF VANORA BRICE by Gordon Rice.   The book is without time.  The author, Gordon Rice, skips around from one time period to another.. I found it a little hard to keep track from one time frame to the next at first. As I read it be came easier.  A wealthy man decides he is going to set out on his own. This man, Theodore is the main character. As he meets people on his journey both his motivations and destinations are changed.

Theodore is put unknowingly into the uprising of a small town in Mexico in the 1800's. It is at this time that Theodore meets his future  bride, Lily Martial, a woman haunted by her past and is very near insanity. they have a child, Vanora who is a milestone in Lily and Theodore's lives.  This is what begins the novels that follow. You will have lots to think about as the author gives you many situations and issues.The book is great. The author wrote like a time travel novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.  You don't get bored in the least and you look forward to turning the page/  I would recommend this book to anyone.  I so want to read the next ones.   Grab a copy and journey with Lily and Theodore and their child, Vanora. It will be interesting.

 I would give this book 4.5 Stars

I loved the cover and would give it 4.5 Stars also.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for this unbiased review.



Gordon Rice ( Nov 14, 1953)started writing at the age of ten years old and has written and published novels in Spanish and English. He is well recognized by his Spanish name Eugenio Chavez and the late Carlos Fuentes praised his novel, Lycanthropus which was nominated to the equivalent of the Pulitzer Price in Mexico. He has had screenplays produced and continues writing novels and screenplays.

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