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June 14, 2013

KATIE'S HERO by Cody Young

KATIE'S HERO                                   5 STARS
by Cody Young                   
 London, 1940

Katie’s got a guilty secret and she’s hiding out in London. Bombs are falling all around her, but she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.

Michael is a handsome young pilot who likes to play the hero, especially when there’s a pretty girl involved. But duty calls him away, just when Katie needs him the most. Wounded and full of regrets, he’s not sure she’ll give him a second glance.

Tom is a lovable rogue, or that’s what he likes to think. He’s touring the world at the Army’s expense, but he’s missing Katie more every day. Could he wrangle another chance with her – after everything he’s done?(

1940 WWII, the book, KATIE'S HERO takes a journey with the lives of Lord Michael Farrenden.  Farrenden is struggling to face his disability as an injured RAF pilot.   We also have Katie Rafferty, from Ireland trying hard to forget her past and start fresh.  Katie works as a child's maid to four evacuees.  She ends up in Hertfor dshire which is Michael's family estate, Farrenden Manor. Michael can't fight for his country anymore so he offers refuge to four boys.  Michael and Katie have this attraction for each other from the beginning but there are things which need to be resolved before they can go any further.  A lover from Katie's past, Tom O'Brien shows up things rather uncomfortable.  The children were interesting to follow. and the romance with Michael and Katie kept me turning those pages.  The story shows how love can heal.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  It goes through a lot of emotions, situations and places. And then there is love. Love that everyone searches for.  Searches for that right person to love and be loved by. Love is a complex emotion and we have to sometimes, struggle to get it right.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author,for this unbiased review.

I would give this book a solid 5 STARS.

The cover is quite nice too.


Cody Young writes YA and historical romance. Cody has won various awards for her historical research but she has always wanted to write fiction - delicious love stories with a touch of humour. Cody is married to a very romantic Italian and they have a family of three boys.

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