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June 17, 2013

FACE THE MUSIC by Joe Anderson

FACE THE MUSIC                        4 STARS    (REVISED REVIEW)
by Joe Anderson

OVERVIEW: (from Shelfari)
Zack Fluett was living the rock star dream. Then one fateful night at the Grammys he broke his hand on his lead singer's nose and lost everything. A decade later he's back--sober, wiser, and nominated for Song of the Year. But ghosts from his past send him careening out of control as the clock ticks down on the announcement of his category. Zack must rely on the only constant in his life, playing music, to make it through the madness of Music's Biggest Night. The music industry gets skewered in this hilarious take on one man’s battle to dance to his own tune.




The author is well versed about the music industry,  The book begins in the present with Zack Fluett, lovable rocker, telling about his latest problem.  It then moves back to  the start of his career.The story is good ole' rock and roll.  A story o f how drugs, sex and  having a bad outlook on others can ruin a person's career.  The story is told by Zack
If you even like rock and roll just a little or pop or are just interested in the music ins and outs, this will be an interesting read for you. The author made the characters very realistic and there were some funny scenes that can be really enjoyed. Actually the book is full of musicians doing dumb things. Their stories are almost like what you see on TV.  Drugs, women, liquor and knock down drag outs. The author has put his own life experiences as a keyboard player and music lawyer into the book.  The book is fiction but you feel the basis was from real events. You may go through some misty eyes, laughter and reflection on what rock and roll was like when you were a kid. The book should be read by anyone, even if you're not into rock and roll. It will give you an insight into rockers lives and what they go through.,  The author put a lot of himself into the book, not only his experiences but his time and knowledge. Thanks for the memories of good ole rock and roll.

I would give this book 4 Stars.

The cover 3 Stars.

I was given a complimentary copy of FACE THE MUSIC by the author Joe Anderson for this unbiased review,

About the Author
Joe Anderson is an entertainment and digital media attorney, record and film producer, musician, and writer. In the 1990s, he was the keyboard player in a San Francisco rock band and ran a small record label that earned three Grammy nominations. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and got into the movie business, producing the Miramax film "On the Line" and the Weinstein company film "Lovewrecked." Joe’s experiences in the music and film industries and growing up in Montana inform the writing of his first novel, "Face the Music."

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