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May 16, 2013


WARRIOR OF THE DUSK                 4 STARS

by Tom Nelson


Warrior of the Dusk is a sweeping medieval adventure from Tom Nelson, author of The Paladin of Callendro.

Andre arrives at Oberlon to discover that his betrothed, Juliette, and her family have been taken prisoner by the conqueror Ullerick, who is transporting them to his mountain kingdom. Andre and a small group of knights take off in pursuit of Ullerick's army, hoping to offer terms to the warrior king that will secure the families' release. Along the way Andre and his men encounter an old knight named Alfred, travelling alone. Alfred knows the territory well and Andre enlists his help in tracking Ullerick's hoard. To pass the the time during their journey, Alfred tells stories of his long and colorful life. From his early days with the raiders of the North Sea, to crusades in the holy land, the old knight weaves a tale of adventure, romance, brutality, and heroism through the middle ages.

The author, Mr. Nelson , wrote a very vivid medieval adventure.  A young noble, Andre, is escorting his bride to be to their wedding.He has a band of  his knights and Alfred, who is his older brother. They discover that Juliette's father's castle has been taken over by a barbarian king and Juliette was kidnapped. They are on a mission to find Juliette and her captor. While on their pursuit, Andre runs across an old, solitary knight who agrees to help.  Along the way Alfred tells the tales of his life., great battles, loves, won and lost. Alfred is steadfast in his commitment to honor and duty.  The old knight tells of his colorful life as a warrior.  His story  goes from its start in a small village on the North Sea to the holy land.  Good should eventually win over evil, but sometimes the price is enormous..If you like medieval, then this book is your cup of tea.  I myself, would have liked a little more romance instead of all battle. The book was very descriptive of the characters and surroundings.  The author is definitely a good writer of medieval stories.

I give this book 4 STARS,

I received a complimentary copy of WARRIORS OF THE DUSK by the author, Tom Nelson for this unbiased review.


Tom Nelson lives in Central Ohio with his wife Carolyn. He is the author of three medieval sagas, The Winds of Wharhalen (2008), The Paladin of Callendro (2010), and Warrior of the Dusk (2012). Tom's favorite reading is fiction from great 19th century authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexandre Dumas, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and James Fennimore Cooper.

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