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May 26, 2013

THE LEGEND OF TEAM 9 by Norman Oro

THE LEGEND OF TEAM 9                                                  4 STARS
An Away Science Fiction Book

by Norman Oro

"...they looked down to find coiled beneath them the obsidian trail leading to Apaht's home system. Its shape resembled the number 9." The Legend of Team 9 is a science fiction book in the Away series that chronicles the continuing adventures of quantum physicist Dr. Jeremy Marshall. Centuries after joining an ancient interplanetary alliance, and battling its one-time nemesis, the Grell Domain, Earth is at peace. However, that idyll isn't to last. Soon the Earth finds itself facing an unprecedented crisis involving the Allen field, a power source critical to the Alliance. To safeguard the field, Dr. Marshall joins forces with the legendary group of explorers known as Team 9. Together they journey to the storm-wracked world of Mjulnor, where they learn of Apaht, a supernatural being of pure malice. Dr. Marshall and his friends scramble to protect the field even as Apaht plunges the Alliance into a twilight of violence and chaos from which it may never emerge. If they succeed, it will be a feat worthy of legend... a feat worthy of the legend of Team 9.

 What do we do when our everyday beliefs are upturned?  THE LEGEND OF TEAM 9 goes along with Jeremy Marshall, a physicist.  He fights to protect Earth from a crisis involving a vital source, energy.
I found myself going back and re-reading and seeing things at a different perspective.  I guess three people could read the same thing and come up with a different conclusion.  Sometimes we take for granted of the things we have.  We just think they will always be there.  The book makes you stop and think.  Anything
you have could be gone in a New York minute.  I enjoyed the book. I'm not sure I saw things as others, but everyone has their own view.  I enjoyed it for what it was, science fiction with adventure added in.  Following Dr. Marshall,  and the battle of one time nemesis, the Grell Domain.  Soon the Earth if up against a crisis involving the Allen field. The Allen field is a power source critical to the Alliance.    A group of explorers known as Team 9 joins with Dr. Marshall to try to safeguard the field.  They go through many struggles
 but if they succeed, they may become a legend, THE LEGEND OF TEAM 9.  Humans just think things will always be good. The material things will always be there.  Their friends and loved ones will live forever.  But what happens when that unreality comes to reality?  Will you be able to pull it together and deal with what is happening?  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventurous science fiction book.  It just may make you stop and think.

I would give this book a  4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of THE LEGEND OF TEAM 9 from the author, Norman Oro for this unbiased review.

About the Author

Norman Oro was born in the Philippines and emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1974 when he was three years old. He grew up an only child in the San Gabriel Valley in California and went to high school at Don Bosco Tech in Rosemead. After college, he worked in economics, finance and corporate development for over ten years. His interests include new technologies, finance and international affairs. In addition to writing, he enjoys playing volleyball, learning new languages and MLB. He has a bachelor's in economics from UCLA and an MBA from MIT Sloan. His home page is:

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