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May 28, 2013


THE CONNECTION                 4 STARS
by Q

OVERVIEW (from Amazon)
Having visions in the shack cellar on the Colorado prairie very early in his life, Q, the depression child, began a life of experiencing strange occurrences. These seemingly paranormal occurrences included spontaneous knowledge, out-of-body experiences and automatic writing. “The Connection” documents many of the major occurrences over his growing up and adult professional lifetime and chronicles his quest for psychological understanding and validation of the things he remembers from his early childhood on the Colorado prairie. Culminating with the documentation of a body of automatic writing sessions, with the opening of his “golden box,” containing “The Book of Truth.”

About the Author

Q began his professional life as a machinist and tool-maker while still in high school. Less than a year after getting married he went to work for IBM Corporation as a Customer Engineer trainee, quickly progressing technically to Applied Science, Applied Programming and into the San Jose, California Development Laboratory as a Staff Engineer. He later started his first company, Questronics Inc., where he developed a desk-top computer.Years ahead of its time,the Questron-1 did not see production. He co-founded several other companies, and was an executive in others, until his retirement. He is also a multi-engine pilot.

Q, a child from the depression era had visions in the cellar on the Colorado prairie.  He was very young. He would experience odd happenings.  Instant knowledge, out of body experiences and automatic writing.

 Paranormal is what it appeared to be.  THE CONNECTION by Q tells of the many times through his growing and adult lifetime and lists his psychological understanding.  He searches for validation of these occurrences on the Colorado prairie.  There was the opening of the "golden box" which contained "The Book of Truth:."

The book has some beautiful illustrations in it.  If you are looking for the truth, than this is the book for you.  This memoir is well worth the reading and you won't be able to let go until you're done.

I would give this book 4 STARS

This complimentary book was given to me by the author, Q, for this unbiased review.

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