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May 23, 2013

TAILS OF THE MOUSE by Graeme Scott

                             3.5 STARS


Tails of the Mouse: An abused and abandoned autistic girl finds she has remarkable talents - and a taste for revenge [Hardcover]  by Graeme Scott


Psychology, humour, and romance combine in a dramatic, real-world story of an autistic young woman who is determined to end the abuse that has plagued her life. Romania in the 1980s is a chaotic failed communist state in which the orphanages have become hell-holes where anything goes. Two orphaned sisters escape confinement, both determined to prove they are not human trash. A back-packing English psychologist, who rescues the sisters from death in the snow, recognises that the younger sister, the Mouse, is deeply autistic and heading for life in a psychiatric institution, while her sexualised elder sister is heading for child prostitution and a life on the streets. The psychologist is reluctant to get involved because he is searching for his own new life, but he finds he can't leave the sisters until they are safe. And so begins a quest that crosses two continents as the sisters and their mentor fight to overcome the demons in the girls' heads and the criminal demons closing in on them.


In the 1980's Romania was full of chaos after a failed communist state,  The autistic girl is referred to as Mouse. the autistic girl is in an orphanage with her older sister, who is rather promiscuous. The older sister is referred to as "the princess:"  They are going to prove they are not trash as they have been told.

Fleeing their Romanian orphanage, an  autistic girl and her older sister have no idea what the world is about to bestow on them. The book was interesting, but just not my kind of book.   Author Dr.  Graeme Scott takes the real world, research on autistic subjects with the fiction tale of a girl and her sister.  The book holds a wide array of psychology, drama, humor, laughter, joy and much more .while  the two seek out the unkind world.

I would give this  book 3.5 stars

This complimentary copy of TAILS OF THE MOUSE from the author, Dr, Graeme Scott, published by Outskirts Press for this unbiased review.

About Dr. Graeme Scott 

The author, Dr Graeme Scott, has spent 25 years working with disordered youth as a practitioner, a researcher, and a Chief Government Advisor. He has delivered papers at conferences around the world. Graeme wrote Tails of the Mouse because the Mouse took over his thinking while he was writing a research paper about disordered girls, and refused to leave until he told her story. “I did as she asked,” he says, “because I have read of novelists who say that sometimes a story chooses you to write it, rather than vice versa. That is exactly how Tails of the Mouse came into being. “The Mouse has changed my life.” he says, “She has turned me into a writer.”


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