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May 18, 2013

HUMANITY: THE ALIEN PROJECT by Vincenzo J. Macrino. M.S.

                                                                                              4 STARS



by Vincenzo J. Macrino. M.S.

Since the advent of flight and the infancy of the space program, there have been numerous accounts of UFOs and alien beings. But what about ancient times? Did people observe mysterious objects in the skies prior to the invention of the airplane? Did they speak of mysterious, intelligent creatures from the stars? The answer is "Yes." Since the earliest days of human history, UFOs and their occupants have been witnessed and recorded in detail. These accounts can be found in the writings of Assyria, Babylon, and ancient Egypt; in the Old Testament and apocryphal texts; in the ancient Sanskrit texts of India; in the literature and "legends" of Rome, Norway, Ireland; and in the oral traditions of many tribal cultures around the world, including those of Africa, the Hawaiian Islands, the Easter Islands, and the Americas. Humanity: The Alien Project examines ancient tablets, codices, hieroglyphs, manuscripts, scrolls, and oral traditions that describe alien encounters throughout history. These accounts span centuries, cultures and continents, but they all share the same central theme: the origins of man as it relates to the history of the "gods" and ancient UFO sightings. Author Vincenzo Macrino presents astonishing evidence that our ancestors not only observed strange objects in the skies, but at one time had a close, personal, face-to-face relationship with their occupants, and that in truth, we owe our very existence to the "gods" of the ancient world. In modern times, alien encounters have largely been covered up by media and the military or debunked as "conspiracy theories" or fiction. However, this fascinating investigation of thousands of years' worth of literature and artwork shows that such encounters occurred long before anyone had a desire to cover them up; instead, they recorded these encounters so that mankind would remember them. Are our ancestors really extraterrestrials? The wealth of evidence presented in this work invites you to investigate this theory.

Vincenzo J. Macrino is a former police sergeant who has 
spent the last fifteen years of his life in law enforcement
 and nuclear protection. He has a Master’s of Science 
degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and 
 an under-graduate degree in Natural Science and
 Mathematics, all of which have endowed him an  
extensive background in investigative and analytical 
techniques and procedures. 

Raised a Roman Catholic, Macrino received a formal 
education in bible studies, and at a very young age, he
 noticed inconsistencies and unexplained events in
 biblical  texts. He was particularly fascinated by 
descriptions of flying craft, giants, and strange, glowing
 beings – some of whom procreated with women! A lack
 of answers from the Church drove him to begin his  

 own investigations. At age 15, his discovery of the works 
of Ancient Astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin launched 
his lifelong hobby of research.

Macrino has travelled across North America,
 particularly Monomeric and the Yucatan, as well 
Central America, the Caribbean, the Hawaiian islands,
 and Europe in search of answers. He has spoken with
 tribal elders, art historians, researchers, and religious 
scholars on the topic of alien encounters throughout the 

His lifelong study of mythology, legend, folklore, and 
history coupled with an education and professional 
 experience in investigative research arms Macrino with 
the necessary tools to analyze Ancient Astronaut Theory
 in an informative, understandable, and enthralling way.

If you like books that really make you think and look at
 things with a different perspective, then this book is for

The book is written in plain ordinary language that
 makes it easy to read and yet you will learn.  He backs
up his writings with resources that other books would 
argue against.  He explains in simple language and shows
 you by putting piece by piece together. This shows the
 support of his theory. Mr. Macrino says it like it is.  He 
doesn't  hold anything back.   If you read the book, read 
Chapter 2 when the author claims that "God" appears 
to be criminally insane.  Now why would anyone say that? 
 You will  have to read the book for that answer. He does
 support his claim. 

 If you already believe in the alien astronaut theory or just
 want to learn, This book is definitely for anyone. Have an
 open mind, use your imagination. A lot of the time, things 
we don't believe in are very possible.

I would give this book 4 STARS.
The cover was magnificent.

I received a complimentary copy of HUMANITY from the 
author Vincenzo J. Macrino,M.S. for this unbiased review.

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