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May 18, 2013

ELIZA'S FOREVER TREES by Stephanie Lisa Tara

ELIZA'S FOREVER TREES                                                  4 STARS

OVERVIEW: (from Barnes and Nobel)

Where has mother gone? Mothers don’t leave. Mothers stay, forever. Mothers are like redwood trees, those special forever trees that grow hundreds of feet high and live for thousands of years. Mothers read storybooks aloud. They know the power of a story. Power that can even make the wrong-beats of a child’s heart go away.

Maybe the monarch butterfly was right? Perhaps they should make the journey. The one that was too long, and too far, for a girl with a wrong-beating heart. Yet there was someone in the redwood forest that Eliza just knew could help. Not just any someone. Another mother. The first mother. The one, Eliza’s own mother had spoken of. Great Mother Redwood. The very first, the oldest and wisest redwood tree of them all. She, who started the forest thousands of years ago, might know where mother had gone. It seemed impossible. To find one who had never been seen, one who had only been spoken of? Yet. Mothers don't leave. They are like redwood trees. They stay, forever.

Eliza decided she must try. She would put one foot in front of the other, slowly. She would take small steps. She knew the butterfly would be patient alongside her. Down the path. To the forever trees. 

Books at times are a natural environment complete with the magic  and sweetness that makes them an enchanted place. The characters live in a world constructed by the author through our imaginations.  This world lives under different rules  Have you ever seen sleeping butterflies who snore.

Books can be very heartwarming.  Words can hurt or words can mend.You will find the author puts such creativity with the animals, French speaking squirrels and L-ladybug lingo.
The books main character is Eliza with whom we are transported on a  kind kingdom..   A lovely journey through California on their way to Forever Trees. In the Book all creatures are part of a kind kingdom.
Mothers are the  center of the kingdom.The center theme is that Mothers don't live forever and the grief and loss a child feels.Mothers bear children and those children bear children and mothers bearing children goes on throughout life Share this book with your children and even grandma and grandpa.  Everyone loves and needs a little fantasy ever so often.
This book will give you touches of reality, fantasy, love and most important of all, MOTHERS.
I would give this book 4 STARS
I was given a complimentary copy of this book ELIZA'S FOREVER TREES by the author, Stephanie Lisa Tara for this UNBIASED REVIEW.

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