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April 17, 2013

TIMBER CREEK by Veronica Wolff

Timber Creek by Veronica Wolff

A Sierra Falls Novel


In love and war, something’s gotta give…

For Laura Bailey, weathering her teen years at her quaint family lodge in a boondock town at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas wasn’t easy. Fleeing for San Francisco the minute she graduated high school seemed like a good idea—until she lost her job and her fiance. The blow to her pride sent her back to Sierra Falls to figure out her life. But her hometown is undergoing a bit of renovation.

A new Sierra Falls resort is posing a threat to the Bailey family business. Even worse, the construction company developing the property is run by Eddie Jessup, Laura’s cocky high school nemesis who delighted in locking horns with the little spitfire. Some things never change. But their battle isn’t the only thing heating up between Laura and Eddie, and before long they realize that getting to know each other all over again has its rewards. But fate isn’t through with them. Nor are the games men and women play in the name of love.

 Ms. Wolff's novel, which is her second Sierra Falls novel, puts two characters who are similar and absolutely perfect for each other.  The author wrote with such tone that you will be totally entertained by the conversations and the beautiful, tender love scenes.this is a wonderful romance novel.  The author wrote such a moving, engaging romance.

.The author puts forth the primary and secondary characters so that you are pulled right into their lives.Laura, struggles to overcome her feelings  and returns home. She is trying to overcome the fact that she has no confidence.  When she gets home she gets involved in the business the family owns.  She learns to come to terms with her past and here comes the love, she meets the love of her life.  The author shows that women can overcome their struggles and become strong and learn to face life on the front line.


Veronica Wolff is an award-winning, bestselling author based in Northern California. She writes for the Penguin Group in several genres, including Scottish historical romance, time travel, small town contemporary romance, and young adult vampires. Visit her at
Veronica Wolff

I received a complimentary copy of this book, TIMBER CREEK, from NIGHT OWL REVIEWS for this unbiased review.
I give this book 4.5 STARS.

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