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April 16, 2013



by Caroline Wall 

 OVERVIEW: (from Goodreads)

When I felt truly lost—which was most of the time—I went out to the narrow lot and sat down in the weeds. From there I could observe both houses. After all, I had two eyes, didn’t I? Two nostrils, two arms, two knobby knees. The trouble was, I had only one heart.

Growing up in False River, Mississippi, Clea Shine learned early that a small town is no place for big secrets. Having fled years ago in the wake of a tragedy and now settled with a family of her own, she faces a turning point in her marriage and seeks refuge in the one place she vowed never to return.

Clea’s homecoming is bittersweet. Reunited with Jerusha Lovemore, the kindly neighbor who raised her, Clea gains a sense of love and comfort, but still cannot escape the ghosts of her past: the abandonment by her disreputable mother, her constant search for belonging, the truth behind that fateful night from long ago. Once outspoken and impulsive, Clea now seeks only redemption and peace of mind. And as a hurricane threatens to hit False River, everything she has tried to forget may finally be exposed once and for all.

A mesmerizing and poignant work by a master of the Southern novel, Playing with Matches is a stunning tale of guilt, forgiveness, and the enduring bonds of family.

Carolyn Wall is the author of the novel Sweeping Up Glass (Poisoned Pen Press; available in bookstores August, 2008). Her short stories, articles and photographs have appeared in over 100 publications. For many years she worked as Senior Staff Writer for Persimmon Hill, the award-winning publication of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and was chief writer for the museum’s children’s magazine. For six years she served as Fiction Editor and columnist for ByLine magazine.

A full-time freelance writer and lecturer on university campuses and in conference centers around the country, Wall conducts intense workshops in Fiction, Short Story and Feature Writing, Journaling, and Writing for Children. She is perhaps best known for her six-week classes: "How To Write What You Feel", and for motivating writers everywhere.

As an Artist-in-Residence for the Oklahoma Arts Council, she has taught creative writing to 4,000 children in her home state and now runs a freelance editorial service. Through her company, The Write Page, she has established a prison-writer mentoring program, working with incarcerated men and women in Alabama, Kansas, Michigan and Texas.

In 1995, she wrote for and edited the book Braced Against The Wind, the only literary history of the bombing of Oklahoma City. In the fall of 1998, she wrote, produced and recorded The Journaling Tapes: Writing From The Heart, a six-week’ course in daily journaling. She has done voice-over work for radio and television.

The Department of the Interior and Wyoming's Bearlodge Writers presented her with a writing residency at Devils Tower, Wyoming in 1998. The recipient of regional and national honors, she is the only writer to have the distinction of receiving the regional Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.'s coveted crème-de-la-crème award twice. She lives in Oklahoma City and has completed her second novel, The Coffin Maker, available soon, also through Poisoned Pen Press.

 Ms. Wolff's novel, which is her second Sierra Falls novel, puts two characters who are similar and absolutely perfect for each other.  The author wrote with such tone that you will be totally entertained by the conversations and the beautiful, tender love scenes.this is a wonderful romance novel.  Thee author wrote the

 A moving, engaging romance.The author puts forth the primary and secondary characters so that you are pulled right into their lives.Laura, struggles to overcome her feelings  and returns home. She is trying to overcome the fact that she has no confidence.  When she gets home she gets involved in the business the family owns.  She learns to come to terms with her past and here comes the love, she meets the love of her life.  The author shows that women can overcome their struggles and become strong and learn to face life on the front line.I received this complimentary copy of PLAYING WITH MATCHES from the author, Caroline Wall for this unbiased review.

I give this book 5 solid STARS.

High Five to you, Ms. Wall and keep up the fantastic work..  I must read COFFIN MAKER as soon as I can.


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