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April 11, 2013

GOOD INTENTIONS by Vicki M. Taylor

by Vicki M. Taylor


Good Intentions is the tragic story of one woman’s efforts to help a teenage mother. Megan, fourteen and pregnant, needed a mom. Tracy, thirty-nine and already raising a large family, gave her a home. Neither was ready for what happened next. Tracy Reynolds’ life is not her own. She works the night shift at the hospital and has three boys, two girls and a husband who works the opposite shift along with a menagerie of rescued pets. Somehow, she and her husband, Tim, have made it work with love, faith, and impeccable ethics. Adding fourteen-year-old Megan and her newborn son to the mix was supposed to be uncomplicated. The adoption agency made it sound so easy. They painted Megan has a good child who had a rough life. She needed love and understanding and the stability of a respectable home and family. Tracy and Tim fit the bill and were fast tracked through the system and before they knew it trouble landed on their doorstep. Megan. Megan rejected their family values and resisted from every direction when it came to learning how to live within their family dynamics and taking care of her son. She missed her friends and the people she knew when she worked as a prostitute. Despite court orders and her probation officer’s warnings, Megan secretly reconnected with her old friends and lover. The Reynolds’ family spun out of control. Not one would be untouched by Hurricane Megan’s path of destruction. Deceptions. Infidelity. Drugs. Child abuse. Cancer. Sexual abuse. Home invasion. The Reynolds’ went through it all. Would their family ever be the same?

    Good Intentions

This story is about a teenage mother, Megan, 14 and pregnant. A story of a thirty-nine year old woman, Tracy, already raising a large family, gives Megan a home.  What would happen next, no one had a clue.

Tracy has no life of her own. She works the night shift at the hospital. Tracy Reynolds’ life is not her. Her husband works the opposite shift.  They have three boys and two girls and a Heinz fifty seven of rescued pets. Somehow Tracy and Tim have made an impossible situation work with love, faith and good, strong ethics.
When they added Megan and her newborn son to the group, it was supposed to be easy.  But it wasn't.  The adoption agency had made it sound so easy.  Easy it wasn't.

Megan had a rough life.  She never had the love and understanding that a stable family usually brings. Tim and Tracy fit the criteria perfectly and were rushed through the system.What was supposed to be so easy, turned really hard fast. Megan resisted everything from their family values to taking care of her son.  She missed the people she knew when she had worked as a prostitute.  The court put orders and probation warnings on her time after time, but Megan secretly hooked up with her old running buddies and her lover.

The family went in a tail spin, completely out of control. Hurricane Megan's destruction would touch everyone in one way or another. The Reynolds went through everything imaginable., deception, drugs, child abuse, sexual abuse, and home invasion.  What more could happen? Would the Reynolds ever bee they same loving family they were?  Could Megan be saved?

About the author:(from Goodreads)
Award winning author, Vicki M. Taylor writes dramatic stories with strong women as her main characters. A prolific writer of both novel length and short stories, she brings her characters to life in the real world. She is one of the founders and past presidents of the Florida Writers Association. She’s a 2011-2012 VIP Women of the Year for National Association of Professional Women. Vicki lives in Florida and shares her home with her husband, an American Eskimo dog, Jack and a Sun Conure Parrot, Bailey. She loves to walk, read, garden, kayak, shoot handguns, and snorkel. She has three grand-munchkins that she absolutely adores.

I received a complimentary copy of GOOD INTENTIONS from the author Vicki M. Taylor for  this unbiased review.

I would give this book 4 STARS. › .


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