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April 11, 2013

FATAL INCIDENT by Jim Proebstle

FATAL INCIDENT by Jim Proebstle
Fatal Incident

OVERVIEW: (from Goodreads)

Inspired by the true events of an Air Transport Command aircraft disaster in Alaska in 1944, Fatal Incident reveals the dark secrets of a WW II conspiracy of how twenty U.S. military deaths have gone unsolved for over 66 years. The story will attract male and female readers interested in conspiracy, espionage, and the human emotions of people in love separated during war.


I've never really been a fan of American History until lately.  This was a great book. The book is based on true events, good and bad, but that's life.  Good and Bad. The descriptions appear to be very accurate and true to the times.  we may not like some of the things that happened, but that is life.  Life can be harsh. The author describes the characters to the point that they are real to life.You may find yourself with a few teary moments while reading this book. Parts of the book is sad, that's what makes the book so much more realistic.  the bad isn't glossed over. It's there to read and face.

This book would be a good read for lots of people. History, Mystery.and much more.  The book is a page turner.  You can't seem to put it down.There is a special section "Author Notes" which is great. It gives information that was used in the book and a good read on it's own.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good summer read under the oak tree or on a stormy night when the wind is blowing and the boards are creaking.

I was given this complimentary copy of FATAL  INCIDENT from the author Jim Roebstle for this unbiased review.

I'd give this book 4 STARS.

Jim Proebstle Jim Proebstle is new on the scene as an author. His first novel, In the Absence of Honor, was released in August, 2008 and has received positive reviews and industry awards. He and his wife, Carole, call northern Minnesota home for the summer months. Deer Park, IL is their permanent residence, close to their two children and five grandchildren.
Jim received his BA and MBA from Michigan State University and remains a loyal Spartan. His corporate career in sales and management prepared him to form Prodyne, Inc.—a management consulting firm in which he is still active.


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