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April 30, 2013

BETTER DAYS by Rachel Hamilton

BETTER DAYS                                 4  STARS

by Rachel Hamilton

 Book Description(Amazon)

February 10, 2012
Live Life Now! What are you waiting for? A better time? A nicer day? All we really have is this moment, this day. Time keeps moving on, so make the most of life. Live life now! Make each step-each breath-count. Better Days is a beautiful collection of uplifting poetry that reminds us to find beauty and joy in each day. We may be struggling as a nation, but better days are to come. And if we open our eyes and choose to see the good in the world right now, the better days will already be here.
BETTER DAYS by Rachel Hamilton is an interesting book of poetry. What an uplifting book. I also have the CD,what a joy to listen. Both are very calming,it reminds you of the beauty in the world and to remember better days are here and now. If you enjoy poetry,or if you don’t really enjoy poetry but need an uplifting,thought provoking moment than “Better Days” is the book for you. I would recommend this title. I enjoyed both the book and the CD as well. Received for an honest review from the author.
 REVIEWED BY: April R, My Book Addiction Reviews
The author, Rachel Hamilton writes and sings to get her thoughts with the world we live in and to reach out to her surroundings to offer hope and to encourage them.  She is very optimistic about what she does.
She is a minstrel and a honored one  She has honored that tradition by writing this book of lyrics of her songs and each poem or lyric she feelings and thoughts behind it.
She has a CD of the songs she sings with accompaniment by guitar and it is too bad the CD isn't included with each book.
Here is one of her poems that is in this book of lyrics.

When the journey ends, a new on will start
You must trust and believe with all your heart.
The journey is too short to sit back and wait.
You must reach out often. It's not a mistake.

When one friend leaves, a new one will come,
but the journey itself must play out until it is done.
One door will close. Another will open.
If you are lucky, you will never stop hoping.

It is change and growth that keeps us alive.
It is peace and calm for which we strive.
We hustle and hurry, never stopping to see,
we are exactly as we are meant to be.

When the journey ends, a new one will start.
I hope I will always feel you in my heart.
Destiny is calling, so I must be on my way,
but pray for a time when I will be able to stay.
In this little book there are thirty five song lyrics and poems. 
Each one will bring a peacefulness to your heart and mind..
You are being offered something that is very hard to come by:
The author, Ms. Hamilton through her poetry and lyrics shows you that you can be what you are, you can find a time of peace for yourself.  But first you have to take the time to find a quiet time just for you, so you can think about the lyrics.

All we actually have is the moment. so seize that moment and use it wisely.

I would recommend this book to everyone. If you have an issue in your life, which we all do, this may help you. It may help you accept yourself for who you are and then you may be ready to

I received this complimentary book, BETTER DAYS from the author, Rachel Hamilton, for this unbiased review.

I would give this book 4 STARS

About Rachel Hamilton Rachel Hamilton is a singer and songwriter. She has opened up her diary to you in her music and now in her poetry. She also has a CD of original songs, “Better Days Here and Now.” Rachel was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and now resides in Milton, Vermont.

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