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February 25, 2013


NOTE: This story contains strong sexual content and is intended for a mature audience.

The MacLomain Series - Early Years

Highland Township is one of the twelve townships of Defiance County, Ohio, United States.

BLURB:Highland  Defiance (The MacLomain Series- Early Years)

Mildred, a young woman living in New England during the onset of World War II, worries about her family. What is to come? How will life change? Little does she anticipate change is to come not from war, but from an unexpected trip back in time to medieval Scotland.

Adlin, Chieftain of the MacLomain clan, will never forget the moment he lays eyes on her. Though he rules one of the most powerful c2,658 people in the township rules one of the most powerful clans in Scotland, Mildred redefines the man he thought he was. Her quick wit and perseverance humble his natural arrogance. Her sensuality cripples his defenses.

The maddened determination of a rival chieftain threatens their very existence. Caught together in time, they must find a way to evade the mighty MacLeods and keep peace in the Highlands. But lust, rage, and potential war simmer on the edge of their every move.

Will Mildred and Adlin find true love despite the odds? Find out in HIGHLAND DEFIANCE.

More silence, too much silence.

It upset him. All his life he’d been patient with everyone now this mere slip of a girl was making him wait longer. Fully aroused and unbelievably out of character, he tightened his hold and ran his lips along the edge of her smooth, damp jaw.

Inch by inch, he ran his lips down toward the edge of her lips only to notice that they were quivering. Before he—with five hundred years of wizardly knowledge under his belt—knew what was coming she reached around and turned not only her lips to his but her entire body until her front meshed against his.

Growled with need, cupped her arse and pulled up, meeting the swift rise of her legs as they wrapped around him. Lips sweet with sea water crushed against his. Their tongues swooped and crashed more thoroughly than the consuming, eager ocean that cocooned them.

“Bloody hell,” he murmured into her mouth.

Unlike Mildred, he was without clothing and his member struggled against her warm belly like an anxious serpent desperate for a deep, clenching mystery. For all her youth, her lithe body seemed to have an excellent grasp of the male anatomy. Her legs tried to climb his torso and her lips molded to his with the talent of a sensual sea siren.

Before he understood what he was doing, Adlin shoved through the waves and turf and had her pinned beneath him on the less-than-smooth Scottish shore. Would this woman never stop pulling dangerous magic from him? It mattered little as he clasped her hands and dragged her arms above her head.

They still had so much to talk about. So much he needed to tell her. When a tiny, little whimper of pleasure fell from her parted lips, Adlin didn’t give a bloody hell about anything anymore but getting as deep inside her as possible. With a sharp tug he pulled down the front of her clingy, wet, white garment and wrapped his lips around an eager nipple. Arching in pleasure, she cried out.

He almost burst with release.

Forget magic. Shoving this flimsy thing up her wet thighs and settling in for the plunge seemed so much sweeter an idea.

You have strong Scottish highlanders, American women with Witch backgrounds over this writers combination of brawny and strong Scottish highlanders, modern day American women with witchy backgrounds and they have the ability to time travel.  The author continues making characters that have real struggles and causes that are worth fighting for.  You can read this book over and over.  You never get tired of it.  Ms Purington keeps on going and giving us the best of the best.

Her books seem to come to life the more you read.  It's like placing yourself with the Scottish highlanders and the American witches. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! The story is filled with wizardry, witches, light and dark, and time travel.
So much for the reader to get into.   Scotland's magic is both light and dark, meaning good and evil.

You can visit another world and escape for a little while.  Take the book and find a quiet place to enter a world of your own.

The book is filled with history, also.  You gain the history of the highlanders and the backgrounds of the American women.

I loved the sex scene where Aiden didn't give a bloody hell about anything except getting inside of her.

Writer's Bio:
Writing has been a passion from the beginning.

At seven, I was the first second grader in the state of New Hampshire to win The Young Author's Award. However, I was too young to understand what that meant. I figured it out a couple of decades later. When I did, I never looked back.

Poetry was my passion at first but I shortly realized that though I had a love for words and my poems were okay, they did not touch the talent of so many other poets. This knowledge didn't shock me, it made me curious. Why would I love words so much yet not have the blatant talent of a born poet? Then I figured it out, I'm not a poet, I'm a storyteller. It was time for me to remember what I'd understood at the tender age of seven. Longer stories were my calling.

So instead of college I chose to work and educate myself through correspondence courses over a five year period. Then, one day, leaning against the counter top in my kitchen, studying my husband's handsome face, the first story was born inside my head. Ideas came at me so fast I immediately ran for my computer and started typing away. I haven't stopped typing since.

I'm obsessed with history. To me, history is magic.

Originally published on not now...mommy's reading.

I received this complimentary ecopy from Not Now...Mommy's Reading for this review.

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