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December 19, 2012

SPUN BY SORCERY by Barbara Bretton

Spun by Sorcery by Barbara Bretton

Chloe - Sugar Maple, Vermont  (Main Character) This book is a combination of suspense and oppressed creatures laced with magick.

From Fresh Fiction: "Knitting Magic and a bit of Mayheim make for a cozy mystery."

From front of book:  "If only there was a lost and found for an entire town..."

People  you love are missing. Places you knew disappeared without any kind of warning. What would you do if  this happened to you? The knitting shop you built from ground up, your entire town you'd known all your life, the home you'd grown up in, what do you do? Your best friends, that you'd shared your most private thoughts with. Your enemies, the people you just couldn't stand even though sometimes you didn't really know why.  All of them suddenly wiped off the face of the earth in the blink of an eye.  This doesn't happen to your home town, it just doesn't.

You'd think you may have had too much to drink last night or that  someone had slipped something in your drink when you weren't looking. People disappear. Cats and dogs go missing. Sometimes you misplace car keys,  your favorite sunglasses and swore they had just disappeared. Even the Book of Spells, the Magick lifeline to the world, has gone MIA, along with  friends and your cottage and your knit shop.

Home towns aren't movable. You just don't load them on the back of a truck. and drive them off to a new location. Mother Nature sometimes uses her bag of tricks and tests us.. She throws tornados and blizzards, fires and floods, at us, then smiles in admiration as we bend, but never break. But even Mother Nature leaves some kind of clue. And they definitely never disappear without a trace. From

 My ancient Buick roars up with my friend Janice driving. Inside is Penny the cat and my yarn stash. I immediately knew  we'd have to go back to Salem if I was going to save my home. I'll be in for the fight of my life with Family secrets and century-old feuds..  

 I'm Chloe Hobbs, a half-human sorceress-in-training. If you can't find me studying my Book of Spells, you can find me  at Sticks & Strings,  a popular yarn shop, or at the Town Hall where I serve as de facto mayor of Sugar Maple.  Sugar Maple is a small tourist town in northern Vermont.

But there's a whole lot more to Sugar Maple than what you see. The small town cover hides truths that could be a danger to our existence. The descendants of oppressed creatures inhabit Sugar Maple   They had fled Salem during the Witch Trials. Desperate, my ancestor Aerynn led other souls  in danger north to an Indian town named Sinzibukwud.  Opened arms and giving hearts welcomed them.

A family of werewolves owned the town's hardware store.  A beautiful Norwegian troll was the head librarian.  My best friends are a shapeshifter and a witch. The funeral parlor is run by a family of vampires. House sprites handle most of our home repairs .Let's not forget  Forbes the Mountain Giant who walks in his sleep.

How will Chloe find the answer to  her life and town's disappearance?  Is going back to Salem the answer?   This book is a Spin that was SPUN BY SORCERY.   The cover tugs at your imagination.  You know you want to read this book.  It's a page turner and one of those, don't put down until you're done, books.  If the lost town is recovered , will things ever be the same?  Could it possibly happen again?

Get to reading and find out how Chloe answers all these questions and more.

This was a complimentary print book, SPUN BY SORCERY, given to me by Manic Readers for this review.

 "Barbara Bretton is the award-winning, best-selling author of more than 40 books. She currently has over ten million copies in print around the world. Her works have been translated into twelve languages in over twenty countries."
"She has been featured in articles in The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Romantic Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Herald News, Home News, Somerset Gazette, among others, and has been interviewed by Independent Network News Television, appeared on the Susan Stamberg Show on NPR, and been featured in an interview with Charles Osgood of WCBS, among others."
"Her awards include both Reviewer's Choice and Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times; Gold and Silver certificates from Affaire de Coeur; the RWA Region 1 Golden Leaf; and several sales awards from Bookrak. Ms. Bretton was included in a recent edition of Contemporary Authors (Gale)."

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