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December 14, 2012

MEETING DESTINY by Nancy Straight

"Meeting Destiny' by Nancy Straight is a paranormal romance but like a thriller. It's a page turner and keep that book open.

Lauren has a reoccurring dream where she is visited by a stranger. He claims to be her Destiny. During a robbery attempt that is a failure, Destiny becomes a reality. Lauren and the stranger hit it off and now the relationship with her high school sweetheart isn't her only secret. Lauren has a sharp intuition and not many know of it.

Now someone else knows she has a sixth sense also. Sinister, evil forces are working to ruin Lauren's traits. They will stop at nothing to do so. Someone is evil. They take your heart and tie it in knots, untie it, and then stomp on it. The suspense will keep you turning those pages but with just a little caution. Don't start this book before you go to bed or you'll be up all night.

'Meeting Destiny' is a shining story where you get caught up in the romance and suspense. There's a lot of ups and downs, curves and straights. It is just full of emotions and after you start reading it the emotions start to kick in. Around every corner there is a surprise. You're on the edge of your seat, but still wanting more. I felt that the book was more romance than paranormal.

The author wrote with such realism. The characters were realistic such as "20 year olds acting like teen-agers. Now that's real life. You can't jump pages with this book. Thinking you might read a page or two later, won't work. You're stuck, addicted. This is a story you just connect with. Without connecting, a book isn't for you. You can't get much out of it.

This book is very well written, not your ordinary book. The author had to have spent a lot of time researching, writing, re-writing and editing. It is a keeper. The cover is beautiful from the colors to the models.

The one thing I didn't like was the author ends the book with a cliffhanger. The author spun a terrific spin when she wrote 'Meeting Destiny'. I think I need Book 2, soon.

This book was received in a giveaway from Nancy Straight, the author.

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