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December 27, 2012

MAGICAL SAMPLER by Scott Cunningham


Cunningham's Magical Sampler by Scott CunninghamBLURB:

A collection of powerful Magic and natural wisdom from the one and only Scott Cunningham.  Find the knowledge and inspiration you desire with the collection of Cunningham's spells, essays, and rituals-collected for the first time from his best contributions to LLEWELLYN'S MAGICAL ALMANACS. Delight in Cunningham's timeless wisdom on popular topics such as the Sabbats, protection magic and herbal remedies.  New and longtime fans will marvel at Cunningham's ability to breathe magical life into such unique topics as tattooing, history of sneezing, dressing with power, Greek oracles, birds of the deities, and more.


This book contains a collection of Magic that is so powerful and natural wisdom from the one and only Scott Cunningham.  For over twenty years, he practiced magic actively.  He penned more than fifty books, both fiction and non-fiction.  CUNNINGHAM'S MAGICAL SAMPLER contains invocation, incantations and recipes for rituals.  It is a fantastic educational resource and a true MAGICAL SAMPLER. Scott had a wide range of interests within the New Age, where he was regarded with much respect.  He passed into Summerland on March 28, 1993, after a long illness. CUNNINGHAM'S MAGICAL SAMPLER contains writings from one of the most respected Wiccan authors. Scott Cunningham became a strong force in the Wiccan family as an author and teacher. Wicca and Witchcraft became part of the mainstream because of his diligence to push it through.
The MAGICAL SAMPLER  is a personal collection of articles and notes.  This is what you are reading. Cunningham had many diverse and off the trodden path ideas and topics, that ranged from history to folklore to herbs and spells. The information  gives everyone something to reflect on.

I felt like Cunningham was right beside me, slowly teaching me with each ritual and spell.  I think that every page is filled with more and more magical information. This book holds the truth and magic to so many things.  Cunningham was a person of his own.  He didn't write with a hard fast rule that was put in stone.  He gave suggestions and ideas that you could apply to your own magic. I felt he didn't let non-believers change his beliefs, and yet didn't push his ways on others. This book isn't a page turner, It isn't that kind of book.  I feel it is a book that you can skip around in.  This book is definitely a keeper even if you are not a believer.  I think everyone's bookshelf should hold diversity.

The book has five divisions: Personal Power and Growth, Instruction and Applied Magic, Herbs and Food, Nature and Earth Power, and Ancient Cultures and Lore.  I found my favorite to be Personal Power and Growth. It's how you can increase your power without "letting it go to your head."  With that power or in any of the five divisions, I feel you will grow.

There is another form of magic that Scott brought to people,  LOVE.
Love is the greatest form of magic there is.

This book is from my own personal library.

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