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December 24, 2012


Mack Dunstan's Inferno

Mack Dunstan's Inferno by paul collins

right point of view and his outspoken nature.
MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO was written as a satirical, fantasy. Mr. Dunstan got Alzheimer s, went through the death process, and went down into hell.  He met Virgil on his way to HELL and Virgil guided him through Hell, Heaven and eventually Illumination. There he met victims of his pro-gun policy. Many were Hispanic and African-Americans, the poorer classes. Here in the underworld, Mr. Dunstan saw the sadness and tragedy, leaving him to cope with the process of guilt, anger and elimination of ego. On the other hand, however, Mr. Dunstan did meet  some celebrities in his underworld journey. Some were from the silent era, golden age of cinema, and classic American TV shows. MACK DUNSTANS'S INFERNO, a satire on those who enjoy the modern era,or update, of THE DIVINE COMEDY. Collins satirized  the so-called pillars of the communities and media darlings. Instead of mentioning  dead ancient figures of history, Collins sketched in Kelsey Grammar, Sally Struthers, or JK Rowlings.

Mack Dunstan had a fan in Paul Collins. This story was an inspiration from an interview the author had with Michael Moore. Mr. Moore was not supported by the author but only acknowledged for providing the inspiration for MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO.
Collins was disgusted to learn that Mr. Moore accepted the academy award. The American Academy awards were about Gucci shoes, who was wearing what, and sleeping with whoever. Social issues never came up. Collins  didn't understand how a person could become infamous by making a documentary. Only in America.

MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO does not promote the Christian belief system, but an Eastern point of view. Find out more by reading MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO, where sci fi ,adventure, fantasy and religious superstitions will collide.

The journey changes Mack. He starts off pretty arrogant expecting that Heaven awaits him. He lived a good life. He lived in complete oblivion as to who he really was. 

As he goes down the path of the afterlife, Mack Dunstan is trapped by his ego.He was unable to transition to peace. He was terrified by his guilts and his attachment to to the physical world. He finds himself in a position where he cannot rest in peace. As Virgil and Mack Dunstan get closer to HELL, they see celebrities like The Bowery Boys and their leader Leo Gorcey, as well as Buster Keaton, Fanny Rice and Jack Benny. They trudged through the awful terrain, going toward the light. There are even appearances from the likes of Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Hugh Hefner and Heidi Fleiss.

The issue in MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO is the right to bear arms, the Second Amendment. His position on gun ownership is challenged by the  ghosts who tell their tales of death by weapons. As the novel progressed, Mack Dunstan had encounters with  anti gun owners  felt overdone. Dunstan would travel with Virgil for a while, up pops a dead soul, the dead soul tells how his/her death was related to guns. Dunstan would cringe, Dunstan and Virgil would travel again. Same old, same old.

MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO should have been better  the words “presents” for “presence”.. The use of  deceased and living celebrities and public figures to argue the morality of anti or pro gun theories throughout history while using DANTE'S INFERNO as a foundation was extraordinary.

This book MACK DUNSTAN'S INFERNO was given to me as a complimentary copy from Black Ravens Reviews, for this unbiased review.


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